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From Francine, Age 15 - 03/12/03 - IP#: 66.72.206.xxx  Click here to reply  
Today: 215 lb - Hi. I'm Francine. I used to come here two years ago if anyone remembers me. Anyways, I am 215 pounds and I really want to loose weight. I won't give any sob stories just for responses. I just need help. I asked my mom and she says she can't help me (and no my dad isn't around). I'm really embarrassd so please only sincere responses.
Reply from Mandi, Age 15 - 03/13/03  - IP#: 152.163.189.xxx
Reply from Liz, Age 18 - 03/13/03  - IP#: 144.136.144.xxx

From Kylee, Age 13 - 03/12/03 - IP#: 24.192.187.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'7", Today: 190 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 160 lb - I am 13 years old, about 5/7. I weigh 185 - 195.I would like to loose about 30 pounds by June 29,2003. Please help I am a big time snorkler. I need to loose wieght to swim faster. I do have a breathing problem. And I get teased alot at school. So I want to show up the kids at school. Please Help, email me at grdawg@hotmail.com Thanks for your time. Kylee

From Jessie, Age 12 - 03/12/03 - IP#: 216.148.246.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'1", Today: 140 lb (BMI %tile: 96), Goal: 110 lb - Hey my name is Jessie I'm 12 years old, 5'1 and weigh 135-140 pounds i feel fat but dont really look it but i want to lose about 20-30 pounds i want to cut it down to about 110 or so all my friends are really really skinny they wear about size 12 in lil girls and i wear a size 7-9 in juniors i want to lose weight everywhere my thighs,arms,stomach,waiste i just want to look and feel smaller i just feel nervious around skinny people it makes me stick out from all the rest please please help me i have helped a lot of you p.s. i am no couch potato i playt softball, basketball and i swim i am very active in sports i dont if i weigh so much cause, its muscle or fat but please help me i helped you it would be greatley appriciated if u could find it in your hearts or IM me at SweetThang00116 thats aol thank you

From ali, Age 14 - 03/07/03 - IP#: 68.13.169.xxx  Click here to reply  
i got a new swim suit and i looks so fat in it. i am not that fat, but i have gained weight so much latly!!!!!!! i hate myself! my friends eat alot so i think "if they can, i can" so i do! and before i didn't eat much and i got so thin but now its like pig out after dinner and UGH i hate myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i use to be so thin, where did i go wrong? i use to do 100 sit ups a night, but then i cute back to 100 every other night because they say its good to give your mucles a break. think i should start 100 a night again?
Reply from Pinksy1, Age 17 - 03/10/03  - IP#: 64.12.96.xxx

From NICK Z, Age 14 - 03/03/03 - IP#: 64.12.96.xxx  Click here to reply  
I am at the last 5 pounds of my diet and it is getting so hard to stay on i have to go outside and ride my bike to stay away from junk food.Where i live it will rain for a week.I need help i won't to lose weight during this week.NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!
Reply from Jackie, Age 14 - 03/03/03  - IP#: 12.250.8.xxx

From joana, Age 13 - 03/02/03 - IP#: 205.188.209.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'2", Today: 144 lb (BMI %tile: 94) - help!!!! im 13 my heigh is 5'2 and i weight 144 pounds i dont know how to losse some weight i do go 2 the gym but when im up in there i just get lazy and just start walking around and no working out if u have any advice e-mail me at cutelatina08@hotmail.com ok

From Karyn, Age 17 - 03/02/03 - IP#: 68.9.20.xxx  Click here to reply  
Start: 190 lb, Today: 140 lb - I am really agitated. I lost about 65 lbs, and then the holiday season shot me down. practically ever since november i have been eating awfully. i used to watch everything i ate, and kept it low on the carbs and calories but now i just binge eat..so i WAS 125 in Nov...but i checked today and now i have gained back a total of 15 lbs (140) i still exercise a lot and drink plenty of water...but i just can't control my eating.why do we have stupid cravings? i seriously wish i could shut off my brain sometimes. well if anyone has my problem or can help me figure out something lemme know. thanks.
Reply from Liz, Age 18 - 03/03/03  - IP#: 144.136.144.xxx
Reply from kk, Age 16 - 03/02/03  - IP#: 63.184.105.xxx

From Priscilla, Age 11 - 03/01/03 - IP#: 64.12.96.xxx  Click here to reply  
Today: 163 lb - Hi, I am Priscilla. I way 163. That's way to much. I try and try for a little bit to lose weigt then I just can't do it anymore. Somehow I just give in not even knowing it and getting back into my old habbits. I learned a fact to on this website- If a child/teen places an hour or more with some type of exersize/activity they can lose up to 24 pounds a year.

From the regginator, Age 13 - 03/01/03 - IP#: 63.36.6.xxx  Click here to reply  
hey i need someone to tell me if this good or not. On the week days I dont eat breakfast.i try but i have no time. i usually eat a lot of food for lunch and for dinner i eat everyone else eats but we eat really fattening things like we have fried chicken maybe 2 times a week and lots and lots of butter.If you havent figured it out yet we eat alot of soul food. I NEED HELP PLEASE!
Reply from koll, Age 13 - 03/02/03  - IP#: 12.220.59.xxx
Reply from monica, Age 13 - 03/02/03  - IP#: 151.204.150.xxx
Reply from monica, Age 13 - 03/02/03  - IP#: 151.204.150.xxx

From matt, Age 16 - 02/28/03 - IP#: 63.227.85.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 6'3", Today: 215 lb (BMI %tile: 93) - I used to be 6'2" 270. and now im 6'3", 215. it may not sound like much but i look at my self in the mirror and i got big jelly rolls and flabby arms.I tried the diet i did over the summer to lose weight, but its hard to keep going for more than a week. I tried working out for 3 months but saw no results. so mainly what im getting at is i need the fastest way to lose weight imaginable, ill do anything i can to get lean( even going anerexic.) so if anyone has an extreme way to lose weight as fast as possible, plz let me know. thanks.
Reply from ami, Age 15 - 02/28/03  - IP#: 195.93.50.xxx
Reply from Kate, Age 12 - 02/28/03  - IP#: 152.163.189.xxx
Reply from Liz, Age 18 - 02/28/03  - IP#: 144.136.144.xxx
Reply from Lindsey, Age 15 - 02/28/03  - IP#: 152.163.189.xxx

From sarah, Age 13 - 02/25/03 - IP#: 80.225.73.xxx  Click here to reply  
i look really fat but dont wiegh that much at all and i dont like doing games at school because my legs are so big and fat!!!! and im supposed to be small boned i hate being fat can anybody help how can i lose wieght off of my legs imparticular
Reply from sarah, Age 13 - 02/27/03  - IP#: 80.225.50.xxx
Reply from Lili, Age 13 - 02/25/03  - IP#: 209.245.229.xxx
Reply from john, Age 12 - 02/25/03  - IP#: 68.161.7.xxx

From Kayla, Age 14 - 02/25/03 - IP#: 66.188.235.xxx  Click here to reply  
Today: 180 lb - I hate scales. you know, those things put people through more misery than anything else. i mean, every week when i step on it and see 180, i feel awful. it goes down a pound now and then but it never stays. i hate em'
Reply from Jme, Age 14 - 02/26/03  - IP#: 68.45.164.xxx

From Liz, Age 18 - 02/25/03 - IP#: 144.136.144.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'9", Start: 150 lb, Today: 185 lb (BMI %tile: 90) - I would just like to say that society is so cruel to people who don't have perfect bodies. I have just started college, and no body will talk to me or sit next to me. Girls are ok but guys just ignore me and pretend I dont exist, they are such pigs. I've only been two days, but this is the way I feel right now. When I used to be 150lb everyone was always so nice to me, now i'm 185 and I feel like I dont exist. Do you guys even think that 5'9 185 is even really that big? I mean I know im overweight but its not like im 500 pounds or something so why are people so mean!!??!!
Reply from agie, Age 13 - 02/25/03  - IP#: 198.81.26.xxx
Reply from Brittney, Age 15 - 02/24/03  - IP#: 67.251.187.xxx
Reply from Jackie, Age 14 - 02/24/03  - IP#: 12.250.8.xxx

From narisa, Age 17 - 02/24/03 - IP#: 198.81.27.xxx  Click here to reply  
hey guys, i know its been a while since ive wrote. ive come to a real problem in my weight loss. the first month is over and ive lost 10 pounds, now its the second month and im not losing weight! and im gettin so tired of eating sandwhiches for lunch and dinner, does anyone have any good sensible way to lose weight and eat good food at the same time? is it because i eat about 1000 calories a day? my dad said im not losing weight because im not eating enough calories, any tips? thanks
Reply from sara, Age 17 - 02/26/03  - IP#: 198.64.160.xxx
Reply from liz, Age 18 - 02/25/03  - IP#: 144.136.144.xxx
Reply from eliane, Age 15 - 02/24/03  - IP#: 152.163.189.xxx

From john, Age 12 - 02/23/03 - IP#: 68.161.6.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'7", Today: 155 lb (BMI %tile: 94) - how do u get rid of inner thigh fat cause my legs are always rubbing together. sometimes i get rashes. and am i overweight i am 5 foot 7 and 155 pounds.
Reply from lENA, Age 12 - 03/06/03  - IP#: 68.70.90.xxx
Reply from lynn, Age 15 - 02/26/03  - IP#: 216.220.252.xxx
Reply from liz, Age 18 - 02/24/03  - IP#: 144.136.144.xxx
Reply from Pinksy1, Age 17 - 02/23/03  - IP#: 205.188.209.xxx

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