From sarah, Age 13 - 02/25/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
i look really fat but dont wiegh that much at all and i dont like doing games at school because my legs are so big and fat!!!! and im supposed to be small boned i hate being fat can anybody help how can i lose wieght off of my legs imparticular
Reply from sarah, Age 13 - 02/27/03  - IP#:
what are squats
Reply from Lili, Age 13 - 02/25/03  - IP#:
it is good excersise for ur legs if u lift weights with ur feet
Reply from john, Age 12 - 02/25/03  - IP#:
i have the same thing but inner thigh fat. my legs rub together. and i have stretch marks on my inner thighs. the best way to get rid of thigh fat is to run, walk or jog, and do skwats.