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Ht. 6'3", Today: 215 lb (BMI %tile: 93) - I used to be 6'2" 270. and now im 6'3", 215. it may not sound like much but i look at my self in the mirror and i got big jelly rolls and flabby arms.I tried the diet i did over the summer to lose weight, but its hard to keep going for more than a week. I tried working out for 3 months but saw no results. so mainly what im getting at is i need the fastest way to lose weight imaginable, ill do anything i can to get lean( even going anerexic.) so if anyone has an extreme way to lose weight as fast as possible, plz let me know. thanks.
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Matt,When you are anerexic your matabolism slows down so when you eat anything you gane it all back its very true!! I can not believe you dont know the dangers of anerexia im 12 and i know. Its very seriouse and it happens through time like lindsey says its a mental disorder! and you dont wake up one day and say i want to be anerexic its a process that you rarelly live from if it wasnt a mental disorder dont you think people would start eating again once they found out they were probly going to die!! just think you in a mental instutution!!
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Look matt, you dont want to be anorexic. It is a mental disease which haunts people their entire lives. Also, if you starve yourself or try to lose weight quickly, you with become a fat blob in the end. If your losing more than 2 lbs a week it means your body is feasting on itself for food by turning your muscles into energy. The body can only metabolise 2 lbs of fat a week. So to lose any more than that would be losing muscle and you lose tone and muscle burns more calories than fat so we dont want that. Seriously, you have come so far dont wreck it now. Just take this REALISTICALLY. You are young and have the rest of your life to live! If you just focus on a healthier lifestyle for the next six months you will be fine! Good luck and dont do anything stupid.
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Matt anerexia is not somthing you want to get into people dont wake up and say hey i think i want to become anerexic today its a very seriouse disorder that you can very easily die from people that do that go into MENTAL INSTITUTIONS please eat healthy and exercize!