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From stephanie, Age 15 - 07/16/03 - IP#: 205.188.208.xxx  Click here to reply  
hey everyone, i play sports in school and i am not in the best physical shape that i need to be. i hope that some of you can help me because i try to diet but i just can't stick with it. i need to lose about 20 pounds. i love to eat and it is very hard for me to lose weight. So plz help me. I also have msn messenger so you can add me. my email is stef_k_martin@hotmail.com

From Katie, Age 14 - 07/15/03 - IP#: 216.51.136.xxx  Click here to reply  
Today: 165 lb - Hi I'm 14 years old and i weight 165lb maybe to some people thats not alot but it is i wish i was like my friends and some of my family but im not i need to flaten my stomach and i wish that i was like for being me not some one to make fun of because of her weight can u help me oprah....haha just joking but i do need help
Reply from sarah, Age 14 - 07/16/03  - IP#: 63.229.200.xxx
Reply from Stephanie, Age 16 - 07/16/03  - IP#: 68.58.35.xxx

From MANDY GARCIA, Age 13 - 07/15/03 - IP#: 66.81.136.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'2", Today: 180 lb (BMI %tile: 98) - HEY MY Name is mandy im 5'2 i weigh 180 pounds i really wanna lose weight badly because when i go shopping and all i see is thin girls showing off there stomach and get kind of mad because i wanna be like them, but i cant because im big.my size in my pants and shorts are 16 i wanna go down to a least 11 or 12.And i wanna lose weight befour i start high school.can you help me PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! My e-mail address is ::: boycrazy_20052006@yahoo.com (help me!!!!)
Reply from Autumn, Age 13 - 01/03/05  - IP#: 68.106.176.xxx
Reply from ???, Age 13 - 07/17/03  - IP#: 66.8.192.xxx

From sarah, Age 14 - 07/14/03 - IP#: 63.229.200.xxx  Click here to reply  
Okay when I said I lost ten pounds in 6 days that was because my scale was off and i really only lost 3 now i feel really embarrassed and I feel even fatter becuz I have been eating a lot of junk and I no cut it out but my mom keeps buying it and she doesnt hide it i tell her to but no she wont. So I do like the diet plan I am on though it is really helpful. All I do is cut down my portions not eat junk stop drinking pop as much do 50 sit ups a night 20 leg lifts or more and to eat healthy. My mom buys healthy food but i just cant stop eating junk if some one can help me please email me at sweetie1855@msn.com or on aim at lilislander07 thanx a ton
Reply from Shannen, Age 14 - 07/16/03  - IP#: 67.70.8.xxx

From Micah - 07/12/03 - IP#: 65.67.77.xxx  Click here to reply  
hey pplz~i have gotten several replies to my messages and i have gotten really good advice on how to lose weight but how am i supposed to stick to it?~i keep on trying but i alwayz end up eating more and more~~plzz help me~~thanx~!
Reply from Stephanie, Age 16 - 07/16/03  - IP#: 68.58.35.xxx
Reply from sarah, Age 14 - 07/12/03  - IP#: 63.229.200.xxx

From Sylz, Age 14 - 07/12/03 - IP#: 64.251.161.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'11", Today: 295 lb (BMI %tile: 98) - hi, im 14 i weight a little under 300 puounds im 5feet 11 inches and if i gain 15 more pounds im morbibidly obess I FEEL HORIBLE i need to lose wieight i cant stand my slef HELLPP
Reply from Annie, Age 15 - 04/15/04  - IP#: 130.182.241.xxx
Reply from Normey, Age 14 - 07/28/03  - IP#: 206.148.52.xxx

From Ashleigh, Age 15 - 07/12/03 - IP#: 64.12.96.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'4", Today: 173 lb (BMI %tile: 96), Goal: 125 lb - Hy I'm 15 years old and i weigh 173 pounds I'm 5'4' and I mean everything ids wiggly and I hate wearing bathing suits and mymom is always raggin on me to loe weight and that upsets me cause when she was a teenager sh weighed 110 pounds and was my height so she doesn't uunerstand why I can't lose weight. It really hurts when she says stuff like that to me. I'm looking for a diet buddy so if anyone wants to be my diest budddy email me at ATLangel6996@aol.com. I want to weight around 120 or 130 pounds
Reply from *LaCeY*, Age 14 - 07/18/03  - IP#: 206.82.92.xxx
Reply from LaCeY, Age 14 - 07/18/03  - IP#: 206.82.92.xxx

From Juls, Age 16 - 07/11/03 - IP#: 152.163.201.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'2", Today: 203 lb (BMI %tile: 98) - Hello there. I am 16, 5'2, and I weigh 203 pounds. I did an online BMI, and I am in a high risk level of obesity. I have tried diet and exercise, but it just isn't heloing my health at all, I find myself tired all the time, and disgusted with myself that I have let it get this far. Is there anything or anyone that can help me? I am desperate, I know that if I let this problem go any longer it will begin affecting my health, and right now, we can't afford that. Please, someone, anyone, HELP! According to doctors, a person my height should normally weigh between 125-140 pounds....I weigh over 65 pounds more than that....And if I gain only 15 more pounds, I will be considered morbidly obese,and I am not even an adult yet! I am running out of options, and will power. Thanks.....Seriously over weight, and scared.
Reply from sarah, Age 14 - 07/11/03  - IP#: 63.229.200.xxx

From Chubby Buddy Girl, Age 15 - 07/10/03 - IP#: 24.160.164.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'6", Today: 215 lb (BMI %tile: 98) - Hi peeps! I am 5'6 and at 215lbs and I hate it! I wear a size 15 but it is starting to get tight so i have this huge gut hanging out and it's sooooo embaressing!Last summer I was wearing bikinis and in a size 5 and over the year i was less active and people are saying how much i have ballooned up in the stomach area and how i eat alot.I put a shirt that i had worn last year and when i saw myself i saw my arms very tightly and my big white belly hanging out.Then I knew i had to lose. But i can't stop eating pleaz give me tips!NOW
Reply from Ressa-Anne, Age 15 - 07/13/03  - IP#: 68.147.133.xxx
Reply from ?? - 07/11/03  - IP#: 24.58.229.xxx

From ayla, Age 14 - 07/10/03 - IP#: 66.142.94.xxx  Click here to reply  
hi im ayla im 14 yrs old and i have another question.i want to starve myslef but i cant and i get really depressed from being fat like i told you all before i just fell like not eating and working my self really hard but i want to loose all my weight and i know this isnt the way to go. i am me but i hate being made fun of because of my weight so i feel like starving myself.i know im not going to but i am very sad because of my weight.
Reply from mr., Age 12 - 07/11/03  - IP#: 12.223.93.xxx
Reply from ayla, Age 14 - 07/10/03  - IP#: 66.142.94.xxx
Reply from mr., Age 12 - 07/10/03  - IP#: 12.223.93.xxx
Reply from Ressa-Anne, Age 15 - 07/10/03  - IP#: 68.147.133.xxx
Reply from Sarah, Age 14 - 07/10/03  - IP#: 213.66.197.xxx
Reply from mr., Age 12 - 07/10/03  - IP#: 12.223.93.xxx
Reply from Heather, Age 14 - 07/10/03  - IP#: 205.188.209.xxx

From Melissa, Age 15 - 07/09/03 - IP#: 65.146.176.xxx  Click here to reply  
Today: 300 lb - Hey people, well first people who are wanting to lose like 5 pounds don't need this website all they need to do is change what they eat alitte and exercise more. Well I am 15 and nearly 300 pounds I'm very concerd and want to lose weight but I don't know where to start!!! I've tried the Atkins,it worked but I could not handle all the meat eating, and most other fad diets ect. Nothing has seemed to really work and keep me happy. I have lowself asteem and depression so its hard for me to do anything about my weight and my doctor doesn't seem to be a help at all!!! I feel trapped and was wondering if anyone had some sujections for me... thanks for your time
Reply from Heather, Age 17 - 07/12/03  - IP#: 204.174.247.xxx
Reply from Tricia, Age 16 - 07/10/03  - IP#: 14.165.157.xxx

From sarah, Age 14 - 07/07/03 - IP#: 63.229.200.xxx  Click here to reply  
I just wrote something but it was lost i think. today i have eaten a double cheese burger reheated a mountain dew a orange pop a tortilla and thats all I feel really fat I hate my life I should run away and come back when i am skinny. I hate my life I hate it I hate it I hate it.
Reply from mr., Age 12 - 07/08/03  - IP#: 12.223.93.xxx
Reply from Liz, Age 18 - 07/08/03  - IP#: 144.136.150.xxx
Reply from ??? - 07/07/03  - IP#: 129.37.157.xxx
Reply from ~*fAt ChiK*~, Age 13 - 07/07/03  - IP#: 24.197.186.xxx
Reply from brianna, Age 13 - 07/07/03  - IP#: 152.163.252.xxx

From Nicole, Age 16 - 07/07/03 - IP#: 66.248.120.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'4", Today: 175 lb (BMI %tile: 96), Goal: 135 lb - Hey guys and gurls i am 5'4 16 and 175 i play softball and do cheerleading and nothing seems to be coming off. i have met this guy that i really want to be with and i am afraid that he won't like me because i am fat i have very little friends and NO boys like me i was just wonderin if anyone had any good tips for me so maybe i can at least get to 130-135 PLEASE HELP ME it would mean a great deal to me so please help me!!!!!

From SaRaH, Age 14 - 07/06/03 - IP#: 63.229.200.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi I am overweight and I feel like all the guys me and my friends see only like my friend and not me I hate it I cry myself to sleep at night sometimes because I want to be thin. I am call fat and pig alot and I hate it I only want to be thin again. So if you could give me advice email me at sweetie18552@msn.com
Reply from Arianna, Age 14 - 07/06/03  - IP#: 12.250.233.xxx
Reply from Patrick, Age 17 - 07/06/03  - IP#: 24.45.163.xxx

From emily, Age 15 - 07/05/03 - IP#: 24.77.180.xxx  Click here to reply  
Today: 245 lb - well, yeah its me em. I weigh 245 lbs. i hate it. every morning i wake up wishing i wasnt me. people think its easy to lose weight. its not. i hate how i look, and how i feel. i hate my skinny friends and how they complain all the time about how "fat" they are. I dont actully eat that much. im just fat. fat. fat. fat. i hate shopping because nothing fits me. EVER. i cant shop with my friends because they go to store like "American Eagle" and "The Gap" and nothing fits me. I hate wearing clothes form the mens section. dammit im a woman, i want to wear womans clothes. Even the pants dont fit me in the mens section. dammm i hate it. I hate how the sizes go only to 14. im a freakin size 24. i hate it. everyhting about it. everynight i go to sleep wishing that i would magically be skinny. i would feel so carefree and happy. but no, i am stuck in my fat, grotesque body.... (view more)
Reply from patrick, Age 17 - 07/07/03  - IP#: 24.45.163.xxx
Reply from Arianna, Age 14 - 07/06/03  - IP#: 12.250.233.xxx
Reply from Sarah, Age 14 - 07/06/03  - IP#: 63.229.200.xxx
Reply from Brittney, Age 15 - 07/06/03  - IP#: 208.206.142.xxx
Reply from megan, Age 17 - 07/06/03  - IP#: 68.116.79.xxx

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