From sarah, Age 14 - 07/07/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I just wrote something but it was lost i think. today i have eaten a double cheese burger reheated a mountain dew a orange pop a tortilla and thats all I feel really fat I hate my life I should run away and come back when i am skinny. I hate my life I hate it I hate it I hate it.
Reply from mr., Age 12 - 07/08/03  - IP#:
If I may ask, how does "running away" make you lose weight suddenly? The only way you can truly lose weight is hard work and determination. You may think it sounds corny but ask yourself this: "How can I run away from myself?" It defies reason.
Reply from Liz, Age 18 - 07/08/03  - IP#:
Yes, life does suck when you are 14. But take heart, just make yourself a plan of healthy eating and exercising, and you will lose some pounds before no time.
Reply from ??? - 07/07/03  - IP#:
excuse me? u have no right to hate ur life! there are ppl with terrible diseases!amputations!ppl living on the streets!disfigurations!u should value your life, there are so many ppl who'd kill to be u! omg-being skinny isnt everything!now be proud and be glad you r you!
Reply from ~*fAt ChiK*~, Age 13 - 07/07/03  - IP#:
Woah, take it one step at a time. Go on a diet and get proper exercise. You can't get quick results for everything. If u wanna talk more e-mail me at
Reply from brianna, Age 13 - 07/07/03  - IP#:
listen i know its hard i have been there and in fact im STILL there!! if you ever want to talk or just wanna vent just im or e-mail me maybe you and i can be diet buddies!!!!! my e-mail is
luv always-BIYA