From Narisa, Age 17 - 03/26/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'7", Start: 187 lb, Today: 164 lb (BMI %tile: 86) - Hey guys! Wow its been a long time since ive posted! I joined this sight 3 months ago when I decided i had had enough of my wight. In 3 months I've lost about 25 pounds! Im so excited, but now im at a point where my weight wont go any lower! Im 5'7 and i started at 187 3 months ago and now im 164. Does anyone have any tips on how I can lose about 30 more pounds?? PLEASE!!!!!!! help me out..thanks!!
Reply from Michelle, Age 15 - 03/26/03  - IP#:
Hi, well, what works very good for me is eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables (trying to limit carbs and sugars) and getting out and shooting hoops or walking or just running around for about an hour everyday. Also, if your interested in counting calories, a great way to break the weight plateau is to divide calories (a week total of around 9500) into uneven segments throughout the week, starting with Sunday with about 1100 and Wednesday being most with about 1800, then going back down. This speeds up your metabolism by giving it more food, yet you won't gain any weight because your week total is still an average of around 1200. Good luck!
Reply from Narisa, Age 17 - 03/26/03  - IP#:
Hi Taylor and Michelle! What i did was i stopped my sugar intake completely, no soda and maybe once in a while i ate a starburst or something because theyre my favorite but absolutely no chocolate. I did a lot of random things, first i ate only subway for like a month(no cheese or mayo) and i lost about 10 pounds. and then i just dont eat as much as i used to. I eat fruit for breakfast, a salad for lunch and maybe if im hungry then a sandwhich for dinner. I also drink a ton of water everyday and i think thats what helped me the most because for a while i stopped drinkin water and my weight didnt drop as fast. I also dont eat any junk food. I only eat when im hungry and i eat sensibly. I hope that helps, bye!
Reply from tayler, Age 17 - 03/26/03  - IP#:
What did you do to get down to where you are?
Reply from michelle, Age 14 - 03/26/03  - IP#:
hey gurl i dont have any tips. i just joined the site today and i was wondering how you lost the weight. please tell me. you can email me at or aim me my sn is FuzzballTheKitty