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Reply From Marina, Age 23 - 03/17/11 - IP#: 174.91.64.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
You can do it! 20lbs may be a little ambitious but it's not impossible. Having a cheat meal is a great idea (as long as you don't go overboard of course!). Try exploring new foods that taste great but are healthy - it might help you get through your rough patch. One of the main ways I motivate myself (and it seems to work) is by setting very small goals (2lbs a week) and taking things one day at a time. Something I often think to myself when I'm about to make a poor choice is, "is it worth it?". The answer always ends up being no. I think about how lousy I'll feel after I eat the unhealthy thing and then I think about how much more important it is to me to lose the weight. Good luck & keep it up! :)

Reply From lolvely1, Age 18 - 01/12/08 - IP#: 76.213.171.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
stock up with healty foods that way when you wunna munch munch munch snak on somthin healty I like chips A lot so i subbstituted chips for a box of chicken flavored crackers which taste better than the chips surPriSe!! oh try to get some air Im stucka t home with out the car because my dad uses it and belive me ita hard to contain myself with my family my mom bought every thing junkie out of the clear blue sky hot pockets pizza french bread burritos crunch in munch fajetas with plenty o cheese i mean everyday is a challenge cuz im the type of person where I wont eat 4 hunger but for taste so what do i do if i crave all this stuff take a walk get AS FAR AWAY FROM THE KITCHEN AS POSSSIBLE take it from me if your mom askes you what you what from the store ask for substitutions experament a lil find out what you like I cant stand yougert I dont care what they put it ib what they mix it up... (view more)

Reply From suetoberman, Age 39 - 01/22/01   show message replied to go to original board
At 12 your body is still developing and changing and that big tummy will almost certainly go down as you get older.
Regarding the chocolate, well I am/was a total chocaholic. The first thing to remember is that chocolate is addictive and more-ish. To cut out chocolate completely sounds like it would be too painful but why don't you give yourself an allowance every day of a small amount and savour that small amount? If you can't do that and feel you are going to end up eating the whole chocolate bar then you really are going to have to avoid it altogether and avoid the places that sell it. Also, leave yourself with no money in which to buy it so you can't be tempted.