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From Mandi, Age 13 - 06/17/01 - IP#: 152.163.197.xxx  Click here to reply  
hey everyone. My name is Mandi. I weigh 140 lbs. Last summer I wieghed 171 lbs, but I got sick of being fat and lsot 30 pounds by myself. Now Before school start, I wanna lose another 30 pounds I just cant do what I did before, becasue its too hard! I really want a weight lose buddy, someone else who wants to lost alot of wieght. It doesnt matter to me if youre a girl or boy, how much you weigh, or how tall you are, or how old your are. I just want a budddy, PLease lets do it together, if you wanna do it with me, either reply and leave your email or email me at Jcgurl45@yahoo.com ok? Thanks! Lots of love!
Reply from Chelsea, Age 11 - 05/08/12  - IP#: 184.15.22.xxx
Reply from dana, Age 14 - 06/20/01 
Reply from Robby, Age 13 - 06/20/01 
Reply from BRITTANY, Age 13 - 06/18/01 
Reply from maggie, Age 12 - 06/18/01 
Reply from noelle, Age 12 - 06/18/01 
Reply from Kristi, Age 13 - 06/17/01 

From teeny, Age 11 - 06/17/01 - IP#: 4.33.138.xxx  Click here to reply  
please help me find a way to lose weight and fast i weight around 150 pounds!
Reply from Brittany, Age 11 - 05/06/03  - IP#: 216.221.81.xxx
Reply from Amanda, Age 15 - 06/17/01 

From Melinda, Age 13 - 06/16/01 - IP#: 205.188.198.xxx  Click here to reply  
i i am 13 and i need to loss weight before school starts so if u can help me that will be too cool thanx alot
Reply from kiki, Age 13 - 06/18/01 

From Amanda, Age 15 - 06/16/01 - IP#: 216.209.118.xxx  Click here to reply  
hi,my name is amanda,and i am 5foot1 and way 155 pounds and i want to loose it,please help me,thanks-amanda
Reply from Amanda, Age 14 - 06/20/01 
Reply from melinda, Age 13 - 06/18/01 

From Megan, Age 13 - 06/16/01 - IP#: 205.188.195.xxx  Click here to reply  
hi my name is megan and i need to loss weight befor school starts
Reply from amanda, Age 15 - 06/16/01 

From Melinda, Age 14 - 06/16/01 - IP#: 205.188.195.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi, My name is Melinda and i need someone to help me loss weight. thank u melinda
Reply from Amanda, Age 15 - 06/16/01 
Reply from Amanda, Age 15 - 06/16/01 

From Melody, Age 14 - 06/16/01 - IP#: 208.154.199.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi! I'm 5'5'', and I weigh 120. I don't really look that fat, and I ask my friends weather I look fat or not, and they say no. But am I overweight for my age and height? I really want to lose some weight. Does anyone have advice for me? If you do, then PLEASE tell me. Thanx!
Reply from Ashley, Age 17 - 01/04/03  - IP#: 216.161.69.xxx
Reply from JessaLee, Age 17 - 06/17/01 
Reply from teeny, Age 11 - 06/17/01 

From Jessica, Age 10 - 06/15/01 - IP#: 209.105.132.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi my name is jessica, i weigh 98 pounds i dont like to be called names like fatty and blubber. i wish i could lose weigh but it is hard well i have to go!please reply above.
Reply from candy, Age 13 - 07/21/01 
Reply from Shona, Age 19 - 07/09/01 
Reply from JessaLee, Age 17 - 06/17/01 

From Brett, Age 11 - 06/15/01 - IP#: 166.102.50.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi! I am 11 years old, 4'10 and weigh 95 pounds. Do you think I am overweight
Reply from teeny, Age 11 - 06/17/01 
Reply from Amy, Age 11 - 06/16/01 
Reply from courtney, Age 13 - 06/15/01 

From Chris, Age 13 - 06/15/01 - IP#: 64.12.105.xxx  Click here to reply  
I have a problem. The last time I went to my doctor I was pretty skinny. Now i gained about 10-15lbs. My stomach even has rolls on it! I'm worried about what he will say.
Reply from Mas, Age 13 - 08/26/01  - IP#: 64.20.91.xxx
Reply from Dustin, Age 13 - 06/20/01 
Reply from LUISA, Age 13 - 06/16/01 

From Emily, Age 15 - 06/15/01 - IP#: 131.238.90.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi. I just found this web site and I think it can help me. My problem is I eat a lot because when I dont eat I feel not bad but hungry even though I have eaten a lot. I am 5'2 and i weigh about 157 but i dont look overweight. I feel that i would feel better about myself if i loose a few pounds. I anyone could help me i would be very grateful. THANK YOU
Reply from Courtney, Age 13 - 06/21/01 
Reply from cristina, Age 15 - 06/15/01 

From Gven, Age 14 - 06/14/01 - IP#: 24.79.16.xxx  Click here to reply  
I wrote here a while ago (4 months?) @_0 er...I was 180 then but now Im 160, but oddly enough I feel a tad WORSE about how I look and havnt seen any difference @_0 cant stand lookin in a full size mirror yikes <.<; so uglllyyyy. er isnt 20 pounds a lot? wouldnt I NOTICE this change? I dont even know how it happened @_0 I was on a cruise to europe and theres LOTSA food on cruises! I shudda gotten FATTER I think, I went to the gym onboard but not enough to have burned all I ate I am so teribky confused here. must lose more...
Reply from lexi, Age 17 - 06/22/01 
Reply from kiesha, Age 13 - 06/17/01 
Reply from mal, Age 15 - 06/15/01 
Reply from Gven, Age 14 - 06/14/01 

From Lauren, Age 15 - 06/14/01 - IP#: 130.13.152.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi I am 15 4'11" and 109 pounds. People say I am not over weight but i think i am. Someone told me i was and it really lowerd my self esteem. I went under the calculater and it said i was at "a healthy weight" What do you think i should weigh?
Reply from kiessha, Age 13 - 06/17/01 
Reply from Katie, Age 15 - 06/16/01 
Reply from mal, Age 15 - 06/15/01 

From Amy, Age 11 - 06/14/01 - IP#: 62.255.0.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hey I lost 4 1/2lbs in a week and i'm still losing it!!
Is it healthy? E-mail me please at terrorwiggs_2001@hotmail.com or just write a message here Ta Amy xxx
Reply from cody, Age 11 - 07/13/02  - IP#: 24.159.69.xxx
Reply from Chelsea, Age 14 - 08/02/01 
Reply from Andrea, Age 15 - 06/24/01 
Reply from kiesha, Age 13 - 06/17/01 
Reply from Amanda, Age 15 - 06/16/01 
Reply from carerra, Age 15 - 06/16/01 
Reply from clare, Age 16 - 06/16/01 
Reply from April, Age 15 - 06/14/01 
Reply from Courtney, Age 13 - 06/14/01 
Reply from maggie, Age 12 - 06/14/01 
Reply from Katie, Age 14 - 06/14/01 

From Craig, Age 15 - 06/14/01 - IP#: 216.165.144.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hey, this is the first time I ever visited this website. I think it's great, and now I don't feel alone anymore. I am 6'3" and weigh 205 pounds. I hate it when everyone else is able to eat, and I am the one that has to suffer. I first realized how bad it feels to be fat when I asked this girl out on a date and she told me that I need to loose some weight first. I felt horrable and I started to hate my self. I could never go swimming or do anything without thinking about peoples opinions about me. But now after visiting this website I don't feel the same. I really would like to loose about 30 pounds and look great before I go back to school. Not only to show that girl what she turned down, but also to feel good about myself. If anybody has any good tips for looseing weight fast, please send me an email.
Reply from andrew, Age 16 - 09/16/01  - IP#: 62.6.97.xxx
Reply from lexi, Age 16 - 06/22/01 
Reply from Danielle, Age 17 - 06/19/01 
Reply from katie, Age 13 - 06/18/01 
Reply from mal, Age 15 - 06/15/01 
Reply from Robby, Age 13 - 06/15/01 
Reply from April, Age 15 - 06/14/01 

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