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 Spot Weight Reduction - It Doesn't Work

=> i am 12 almost 13 and i am 5"3 and i weight 125. it is mostly my thiges how can i lose the fat before school starts

=> I'm 13 years old and 4"10 my love handles are big. Those are the only things on my body that seems really big. I am very self conscience about them and was wondering what kind of exercises can help me lose them. If I grow taller will they go away? Can I grow if I already had my period?

=> I'm 13 about 5'11'' and my weight is about 185. I'm looking for a way to lose some belly fat because I think I'm carrying an extra 30 or so pounds there

=> hy does most fat transfer to one part of the body and doestn make the others big like hips

=> i need to know how to lose some weight im 12 years old soon and i hae some belly fat im embarassed of and i really want to get rid of can you plz help!!!!!!!!! I NEED TO GET RID OF IT

=> i 'm 15yrs tall girl but i have too fat stomach . immediately i want to reduce this fat stomach.what can i do??

=> Im 12 and live in the UK! Im going on holiday in about 2weeks and i need to lose weight, i managed.to get like a flat tummy ish but my thighs are huge and i don't want to.make them any bigger so i was wondering.how can you loose weight on your thighs without gaining muscle?

=> I am 156 and 5.31/2 I'm fifteen I want to lose my belly fat but having a hard time because I am a dependent on food well kind of addicted but I want to have a flat belly I try to exercise but I skip breakfest and lunch but eat dinner can you help me plzz I really wanna flat stomach

=> i am a boy of just 14 year.I just want to lose weight quickly from my belly and breast.

 Many kids are unhappy with certain parts of their body and would like to lose fat in just one area. Unfortunately, “spot” weight reduction in a specific area of your body doesn't work. The good news is that any exercise or weight loss should help your problem areas as well as your body in general.

Successful weight loss is usually done through a combination of increasing physical activity and decreasing your caloric intake. The best exercises for your thighs, butt, hips, and stomach are those that get your heart pumping faster. These are called cardio exercise and help your body burn fat for energy. Doing activities like swimming, dancing, walking, jumping rope, playing sports, even cleaning, can help your body get healthier. Try to get 30 to 60 minutes of "cardio" most days of the week and you should begin to notice changes. Head over to Exercising Smart for more information on cardio exercise! Get moving and you'll see results!

Toning, or strengthening the muscles in a certain location (your thighs) can also help give your body a better overall appearance. The key to toning is REPETITION. Repetition of movement (exercise) tones and strengthens.


1. GET MOVING. The simple act of walking more can make a big difference in your weight and overall appearance as well as tone your thighs and stomach.

Here are some activity ideas to try:
- Cardio Exercise.
- Physical Fitness.
- Increased Physical Activity.
- Exercise For The Cold.
- Exercise When Your Busy.

2. Exercise EVERYDAY. If you do that, you will notice body tone improvement everywhere including your thighs and stomach. You'll also feel more energetic and feel more positive about your appearance in general.

 Body Image Issues

=> I am 11 almost 12 and I way 182 lb. nobody knows I way that much because I only tell my best friends (I want to way 105-90 lb.) I lie to everybody else I way 120 lb. but I don't want to lie.What should I do!?

=> i need help losing weight. Today in class we were testing, and my friend had some gum. I asked him for a peice. He said no . I said why. then a girl said come here and wispered something in his ear. I asked what she had said she said nothing. he said your a mini Kelen (she is a larger girl in class). i thought she was my friend and i am now 140 pounds im ready for change how do i loose weight

=> Hello I'm 12 years old and I'm concerned over my weight I have a holiday in 3 more months and I want to be skinny enough to wear a bikini and feel comfortable with my size please help me x

 Being overweight can be difficult. Kids at school often tease or make fun of us which makes us feel bad. We can then sometimes feel alone, sad or depressed. How can we feel better about ourself?

First, believe in yourself! You are a special person with many unique talents and beauty. Learn about Self Esteem and thinking positive. This can help us to be more realistic about our weight loss goals and work toward them in a more positive way. Try building up your self confidence, you’ll feel so much better about yourself. Once your new found self confidence starts showing, others will see you in a new light. They will want to be your friend and spend time with you.

Be honest with friends and parents and ask them for help. You’ll be amazed at how willing they are to support you if you just ask.

 holiday foods

=> Why I am trying to lose weight, to prevent,heart issues,heart attacks. Strokes, 2 type diebates,obese,blood cloding,I run really fast,what drives,me crazy,when my aunts,your fine,that can runi weight loss? every Christamss Eve,for luch, usually lunch meat,and mayo,is the junk food,dinner is the worst a lot of food at my grandpartents,any ideS? I am so fuiristed,I dont want to binge,ahhha.

=> Movation for Chrsitams meals, drive me crazy,I always binge like crazy,I end up gaining the weight back, any ideas what to do?

 Society normalizes overeating during the holidays with a huge emphasis on food, and even marketing certain comfort foods. During the holidays, food is used to demonstrate warm loving family times in advertising, and many kids and teens report eating for comfort during this often stressful time. Many adults do that too. You are correct in recognizing that controlling this issue will bring you weight loss success.

A binge is when a person eats a lot of food at one time. When the person binges, she or he usually feels out of control. They feel better for a while after eating, and then typically feel bad about themselves. They turn to food to feel better again, and the cycle repeats.

Instead of food for comfort, a person must find other ways to cope with boredom, loneliness, sadness, anger, happiness, frustration, stress, etc. Here's a tip on dealing with stress. Take it slow and allow yourself time to sort through the exact feelings that have you grabbing food.

Check out Lucy's tip on how to survive the holidays for more information. Good luck as we head into the new year.

 When I try to walk, my back aches....and I have bad posture. What can I do?

=> lucy, i am trying to loose wieght for my holidays, and i have bad posture when i try to do excersise such as walking my lower back aches. how can i improve my posture and loose wieght in 5 weeks

 If you have a back ache that persists more than a few weeks, it’s best to see a doctor to have it evaluated and treated. If you have severe back pain, numbness or tingling that you feel in your legs or arms, or back pain that continues even after lying down, then see a doctor right away. After ruling out more serious causes, he or she may refer you to a chiropractor or physical therapist. But occasional lower back aches and poor posture may simply indicate that your core muscles are weak.
Girl sitting in upright posture
What are “core muscles”? They are the muscles that surround your trunk (abdomen and back) and pelvis. The reason you should consider doing exercises to strengthen these muscles, is that as they get stronger, it will become easier for you to do exercises so that you can lose weight and perform other daily activities more efficiently.

Here are links showing several exercises that can help reduce lower back aches if your core muscles are weak:

Abdominal crunch


Single-leg abdominal press

Double-leg abdominal press

Segmental rotation


Modified plank

Side plank


 Failed diets and cravings HELP!

=> Lucey, every month I lose about 10 pounds, but then I gain 20. I really can't stay away from junk food, is there a way you could help me stay away?

=> I am five foot, four and i weigh currently 164 pounds. I am trying to lose 20 pounds by the end of july. My BIG problem is eating, i always feel like im hungry. its really hard for me. I ask for help all the time from my parents, and they tell me to chew minty gum. I try, but it doesnt work. Its hard to see my sister who is 18 and skinny. She eats really bad food all the time, and i really get tempted. Can you help with fighting cravings and hunger???

=> hi wiz my name is carolyn and am 12 years old i have been over weight for as long as i can remember there was never a moment in my life where i felt skinny. over the years people have called me names and made fun of me but its my chance to prove to them and to myself that i can do it that i can be healthy and active. i really wanna feel skinny and i need some tips i have been trying to less crave on food but sometimes its hard please help wiz

=> I Really Want To Lose Weight. I've Lost alot of weight before But The Problem is i dont know keep the good weight. For Example Once i lost 11 pounds but i gained them righy back. I Need to find away to lose weight asnd keep it that way not gain them back !

=> What can I do to help stop myself from always wanting to eat? Whenever i feel like eating it is because i feel like i havent eaten anything at all that day. What can i eat that is healthy, non fatning, and is something that is a good portion and keeps me full and satisfied for the rest of the day

 That sounds so tough! I wonder if you are dieting too strictly to lose that 10 pounds. This strict diet makes the cravings go through the roof! Here are some tips to help you make lasting changes:

Do NOT skip meals. Eat breakfast and lunch everyday. Skipping these meals will tell your body to eat a lot more at dinner time and at night.

Eat balanced meals. A balanced meal includes whole grains, protein, and a high calcium food. It also includes a fruit or vegetable. Click on each food to learn more about them.

If you count calories, allow yourself enough. Many overweight kids and teens eat 1200 calories or less each day. For most kids and teens, this is not enough! Eating so little can make a person binge later in the day. Click here to see some other calorie pointers.

Know what junk food withdrawal feels like for you. For many people it feels uncomfortable, antsy, or like their skin is crawling. Other kids and teens say they just really want the food and can't stop thinking about it. They want it even through they are not physically hungry.

Quitting junk food is tough. When you are trying to quit, do not diet hard core. Do not attempt a fad diet or really low calorie diet. This will make you too hungry. You will crave the junk food more, too.

Instead of going on a diet, quit one junk food or two at a time. This way, your body will not be in complete shock.

Prepare to stop eating the junk food. By preparing your mind and body, you will be ready for the change. To prepare, tell adults and friends you trust of your plans. Tell them how they can support you. Maybe you can call them or visit when you are having cravings or experiencing withdrawal. Some kids and teens say it helps when others do not eat the food with them. You need to let your support system know how to help you. Then, you need to use your supporters!

Know your triggers. Many kids and teens say they want to eat certain junk food when they are bored. Others say they want it when they see it on TV. Know what triggers you. Avoid the triggers as much as possible!

Pick a date. Plan when the best time would be to quit. You may not want to pick a time near exams or tests or a big holiday. Circle the date on your calendar. Make sure your support system knows the date too!

When your date comes around, make sure you drink lots of water. Be sure to have lots of healthy low calorie snacks to munch on. Have snacks like carrots, celery, fruit, and sugar free Jell-O on hand. For other food ideas, click here.

When the cravings get really tough, squeeze your hands together real tight. Keep squeezing until the craving goes away. For other ideas to help you talk yourself through the cravings, click here.

Believe in yourself. Even if you have messed up before, believe this time you CAN do it. I believe in you!

 I can't last 2 days dieting!

=> OMG!! I need soooo much help with losing weight. Every time i get motiveted to diet. Two to three days will pass then that's when i just give up. I've never lasted more than a week with 2 be honest! I'll be doing so good, then BAM! So then i say i start again tommorow then tommorow comes, i don't do it. And same with the other days.

=> hi,im 18 years old and i really am overweigh.I dont know how to get motivated to lose weight.im 1m 63 height and i weigh 57kgs. i feel so fat and i dont even know how to stop eating. i really need tips to lose weight. please help me.

=> hi lucy my name is amy i love sweets and fattning things but i really want to lose weight like tonight for axample i went on a diet on monday proised my friend i would stick to it and by tuesday i was already walking home from school and going in to the sweetie shop i really need your advice how did you lose weight and is there an easyer way HELP

=> Hey Wiz! I am 16 years old and 5 ft. 3 in. and I weigh 192 lbs. I have always been overweight and I have gone on diets with my mom and gone to the gym with my mom but something always happens(usually holidays)to cause us to take a break. But the break always turns into something permanent. We havent ever stuck with anything despite the fact that we have been really successful at some of the stuff we have done.Anyways.My question is how can I stay motivated and determined when Im trying to lose weight on my own?

 Weight loss does not take huge changes. It takes lots of small changes over a long period of time. I wonder if you start smaller, it that would help your motivation. You are NOT alone. Try these hints to get you moving and sticking with it:
1) Take out a piece of paper. First, make a list of all the reasons why you want to lose weight. They can be big reasons or small ones. They maybe serious or silly. Write down as many as you can think of. Turn the paper over. Next, write down all the reasons why losing weight is hard. It maybe too hard to give up some of your favorite foods. It maybe too hard to stop watching TV and exercise. Write down as many reasons as you can.
2) Pick one food goal and one exercise goal each week. Keep track in a notebook how you are doing. Sometimes writing this down helps people stay on track and stay motivated.
3) Write down what you eat everyday. Also, write down all the exercise you do.
4) Get a weight loss buddy. Help each other stay motivated!
5) Reward yourself each week or month after you have been working hard on your goals. Do NOT reward yourself with food. Reward yourself with new exercise clothes or dvd, or go to a movie.

 Help me stop eating for reasons other than hunger!

=> How do i control my eating habits, if i eat for comfort?

=> I have a very stressful life and when I'm stressed or sad I eat and I can't seem to stop.I need to know how to lose weight as soon as possible. I don't want to get sick or anything. Please help me.

=> I want to lose weight, but the problem is I'm addicted to junk food. How can I break that habit and begin to eat healthier foods?

 Many kids and teens report eating for comfort when life gets too tough. Further, many adults do that too. Society even normalizes this with the emphasis on food during holidays and marketing of certain comfort foods. You are correct to point out that controlling this issue will bring you weight loss success. Here at Blubberbuster.com, the management believes that the toughest and most important step is to give up the comfort food brings during rough times. This needs to be done for the rest of a person's life. Instead of food for comfort, a person must find other ways to cope with boredom, loneliness, sadness, anger, happiness, frustration, stress, etc. Take it slow and allow yourself time to sort through the exact feelings that have you grabbing food. Talk about it with other people at home or on this site. If you feel it getting too out of your control, consider meeting with a counselor experienced in overeating or compulsive eating. This maybe the key for you to be healthy!

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