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From angela, Age 11 - 04/24/01 - IP#: 209.214.181.xxx  Click here to reply  
Does just drinking water help you lose weight?
Reply from katie, Age 13 - 04/27/01 

From Mr.Dan :), Age 19 - 04/24/01 - IP#: 24.113.8.xxx  Click here to reply  
"MY tip of the day"
For males who seek thier proper weight, using scales from sites telling you what weight you should be, is not allways accurate. A point to remember, is that muscle weighs more then fat! I have talked to to bodybuilder and weight lifters that are 5'9 or so, and weigh much over 200 pounds. Yet, they have less then 5% body fat! so before you try to lose all that weight, try to find out how much is fat, and how much is muscle. Not eating enough calories through out the day, can burn away your muscle as well. Mr.Dan:)

From Laura, Age 15 - 04/23/01 - IP#: 24.141.61.xxx  Click here to reply  
hey, i'm like everyone else in here, i'm overweight and looking to loose like 40-50 pounds. I hate feeling fat and i want to be healthy! if knows any good ways to loose or wants to be my "internet dieting buddy"
e-mail me SpaceTwin@kiwibox.com thankx
Reply from Monica, Age 17 - 09/03/01  - IP#: 24.167.86.xxx
Reply from Angelica, Age 14 - 08/10/01 
Reply from Andy, Age 17 - 05/24/01 
Reply from Teresa, Age 14 - 05/12/01 
Reply from Michelle, Age 13 - 05/04/01 
Reply from monica, Age 15 - 04/27/01 
Reply from Amanda, Age 15 - 04/23/01 

From nicole, Age 12 - 04/23/01 - IP#: 61.9.208.xxx  Click here to reply  
hey iam nicole i was wondering if u think 50kg is over weight
Reply from Robby, Age 13 - 06/27/01 
Reply from STEVE, Age 123 - 05/21/01 

From Amanda, Age 14 - 04/22/01 - IP#: 209.245.201.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi Im Amanda and Im overweight.Im 5 foot 4 and 180 pounds.I have tried to lose weight and Ill lose 3-5 pounds then it comes right back on and im doing everything every day.I run a mile excersise and watch what i eat but it just comes right back on.I get made fun of at school cuz' Im overweight.what do I do?
Reply from Misty, Age 13 - 04/22/01 

From Amy, Age 11 - 04/22/01 - IP#: 62.255.0.xxx  Click here to reply  
hi my names Amy. Im currently 99lbs and im around 1.32m
Do you think i'm overweight? I'm thinking of going on a slim fast diet do you think it's wise? Please reply as i want the pounds to get off. Please reply 2 me at terrorwiggs_2001@hotmail.com Thanks
Reply from Teresa, Age 14 - 05/12/01 
Reply from angela, Age 11 - 04/24/01 

From katie, Age 13 - 04/21/01 - IP#: 24.41.44.xxx  Click here to reply  
ok all the sudden i feel really fat.i think its because this year i went to a new school and it was really hard for me so i was like stress eating or whatever u want to call it.and so my stomache used to be flat and just the way i wanted it,but this year its just gone.its like gets all fat looking from my bellybutton and down its like a gut!!my stomache looks like a down hill now!:( does any one know how to make it go away???its been bugging me to the point were i will starve myself.so if have any clue how to get rid of it please reply!!!!!
Reply from heather, Age 13 - 03/29/03  - IP#: 66.20.180.xxx
Reply from Brittany, Age 13 - 12/30/02  - IP#: 207.177.12.xxx
Reply from Misty, Age 13 - 04/22/01 

From Misty, Age 13 - 04/21/01 - IP#: 152.163.213.xxx  Click here to reply  
Reply from Alison, Age 13 - 07/12/01 
Reply from Michelle, Age 13 - 04/22/01 
Reply from Misty, Age 13 - 04/22/01 
Reply from Nikki, Age 13 - 04/22/01 
Reply from katie, Age 13 - 04/21/01 

From Danielle, Age 16 - 04/20/01 - IP#: 63.17.37.xxx  Click here to reply  
hey everybody. im 16 and weigh about 225 lbs. i really really need some help with losing weight. my friend dropped a dress size just by drinking water for 2 weeks. is this safe? i don't know what to do anymore. i was thinking about going on the Dr. Atkins diet in the summer. i am currently a size 18, and i want to be a 12 or 14 by the beginning of next school year. does anyone have suggestions? please help me!
Reply from len, Age 20 - 08/16/01 
Reply from Catherine, Age 15 - 06/09/01 
Reply from Joseph, Age 16 - 06/06/01 
Reply from Misty, Age 13 - 04/22/01 
Reply from Nikki, Age 13 - 04/22/01 

From Marina, Age 13 - 04/20/01 - IP#: 24.215.8.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hello everyone! I'm going to be the positive person for today! I'm currently 5ft 6in and 118lbs. I used to be like everyone else in here....i weighed 207lbs. But one day something came over me....i knew that this was unhealthy for myself. I didn't want to lose weight to look better....but to be healthy. But there are only 3 things you need to lose weight, three important things: sensible foods, Exercise & Will power. with these three things you'll have the most ideal weight. at first you'll feel that it takes too long and be discouraged....well i'll be honest, yeah it does take long....but if u work at it now....by the summer time you'll be feeling a lot better than u do today. I used to be so negative about my weight but then one day i realized that if i just sit around & complain, i won't be accomplishing anything, so right then and there...i got up off the couch and took my dog for a ... (view more)
Reply from ally, Age 13 - 02/17/03  - IP#: 205.188.209.xxx
Reply from Angelica, Age 14 - 08/10/01 
Reply from Nicole, Age 12 - 07/18/01 

From miserable, Age 14 - 04/19/01 - IP#: 198.207.222.xxx  Click here to reply  
hey ashley i just returned that book Be A Loser by Greer Childer or whatever her name was. i tried it but i just couldnt bring myself to do it. i did it once and then i got to lazy to do it. but the thing is ive been walking. one day i did 9 blocks and the next day i did 18 blocks. the thing is they are short blocks. i dont know if it is helping but i dont want to know. dont you guys hate it when you try so hard and you fail? thats why i dont like to try things ive failed many times. if anyone has any suggestions on how to boost my will power, email me. or if you just want to say hi. sassymayor@hotmail.com

From Karmel-Ann, Age 13 - 04/18/01 - IP#: 161.73.4.xxx  Click here to reply  
If you think your life sucks, I bet you all I have that mine is a lot, lot worse. I have been fat since I can remember, and currently weigh 324 lbs. I have a set of scales in my room but most of the time I'm too ashamed to even stand on them. I don't even have a pretty face. Whenever my mom drags me off to the shops I usually end up in tears surrounded by gorgous slim girls. The other day I was in a store and I saw a blue summer dress I really liked. I got the biggest size and tried it on, but when I tried to get it off the zip got stuck. The asisstant had to come and try and get it off, but she had to come and get her friend to help her because it was stuck fast. I ended up running out of the shop in tears. Its even worse at school. They've managed to think up every mean name accosiated woth being fat that there is. My mom is overweight too and says I'm being stupid when I try to diet, and fills the house with junk food which I can't resist. You guys mean so much to me and any suggestions you come up with will really help. Thankyou!!
Reply from joe, Age 13 - 04/25/03  - IP#: 217.44.202.xxx
Reply from joanna, Age 13 - 04/25/03  - IP#: 217.44.202.xxx
Reply from aMANDA, Age 11 - 07/11/01 
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From Bunny, Age 15 - 04/17/01 - IP#: 12.72.232.xxx  Click here to reply  
HI, I'm currently a 15 yr. old looking for a plan that might help me lose like 40 lbs. The thing is that I am about 5'8 and wieght around 250. I really need someone to help me. I'm really sick of looking at my image in the mirror or knowing that no matter how hard I try in doing all my fav. sports I'm going to end up super tired. If anyone can help me please put a reply for me!Thanx!
Reply from Amanda Tindle, Age 14 - 10/11/02  - IP#: 205.204.242.xxx
Reply from Chelsea, Age 14 - 08/01/01 
Reply from Tia, Age 16 - 07/11/01 
Reply from Catherine, Age 15 - 06/10/01 
Reply from Catherine, Age 15 - 06/09/01 
Reply from Mich, Age 13 - 05/05/01 
Reply from Misty, Age 13 - 04/22/01 
Reply from ange, Age 16 - 04/18/01 
Reply from Ashley, Age 12 - 04/18/01 

From joe, Age 14 - 04/17/01 - IP#: 38.32.51.xxx  Click here to reply  
yo. I am 5' 8" and weigh 150 lbs. My main goal is to lose fat and buff up. I have a diet plan where I get 112%DV of protein, 81%DV calories, and 59% carbohydrates (based on a 2000 calorie diet). Along with 30 min a day of bike riding, I am wondering how long it will take me to lose about 20 lbs. Please respond with comments or suggestions. Thanx!
Reply from raquel, Age 14 - 04/30/01 
Reply from Ashley, Age 12 - 04/18/01 

From zach, Age 11 - 04/17/01 - IP#: 204.196.62.xxx  Click here to reply  
iam 340 and 11 years old!help!!!!!!!!!
Reply from rach, Age 13 - 04/28/01 

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