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From girly, Age 12 - 12/06/01 - IP#: 24.68.3.xxx  Click here to reply  
I am 12 years old and really fat i used those BMI calculators and they say i'm obese how can i lose weight privately and do it real fast im open to all ideas even the most srtictest ones so if u have advice bring it on Thanks
Reply from pam, Age 14 - 12/28/01  - IP#: 64.12.102.xxx
Reply from ALLISA, Age 12 - 12/06/01  - IP#: 65.6.88.xxx

From ummmmmmm guess who - 12/06/01 - IP#: 24.134.203.xxx  Click here to reply  
henry12 why don't u ever come on any more?
Reply from allisa, Age 12 - 12/08/01  - IP#: 65.6.88.xxx
Reply from henry, Age 12 - 12/07/01  - IP#: 24.134.203.xxx

From allisa, Age 12 - 12/04/01 - IP#: 24.49.223.xxx  Click here to reply  
donno y, but i want to talk bout over weight people getting teased. i think i am doing that cuzz some people r saying they r on the boards. i real am gonna try to understan, cuzz i only have 2 over weight people in my grade, and we just couldn't tease them. it would be like a sin to every 1 that i know. i guess i am lucky, cuzz no one teases any 1 bout being over weight in my school. it would be like "wrong". even the people who go to the principal every day cuzz they call people names don't tease over weight people. we don't cuzz it is rude and mean beond mean. but if i did get tease cuzz i amm over weight, i just walk away or tease them right back. i could tell the teacher or whatever, but i think that would make it worse. don't let it get to u either, cuzz one day u r gonna be thin and the people who teased u may be over weight. so if they do bother u cuzz your weight, just remind them that the furture may turn a different direction. never know.
Reply from Jenni, Age 15 - 12/05/01  - IP#: 24.49.223.xxx

From ~*Egypt*~, Age 12 - 12/04/01 - IP#: 64.12.103.xxx  Click here to reply  
Yo ive gained weight scince last time i posted. i went through a depressing period and decided that ice cream solved problems :) im 5'1 and i weigh 117 and i realy wanna loose weight cause im really suposed 2 weigh alot lighter i mean all my friends there like 65-90 lbs i mean i have 1 ova weight friend shes like 4'9 and like 223 lbs
Reply from allisa, Age 12 - 12/04/01  - IP#: 65.6.88.xxx
Reply from egypt, Age 12 - 12/04/01  - IP#: 64.12.103.xxx

From Kristen, Age 10 - 12/04/01 - IP#: 209.240.222.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi my name is Kristen I have a serious weight problem I am five feet tall and weigh 300 pounds kids at treat me so bad I cry all the time one time I cried in school and some kid saw me and called me fatty loser cry baby please help me
Reply from Lauren, Age 14 - 12/12/01  - IP#: 24.70.95.xxx
Reply from Amanda, Age 12 - 12/10/01  - IP#: 209.130.164.xxx
Reply from kristain, Age 14 - 12/09/01  - IP#: 63.39.25.xxx
Reply from rachel, Age 13 - 12/05/01  - IP#: 203.166.96.xxx

From Michelle, Age 14 - 12/03/01 - IP#: 216.109.204.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ok you guys. Do u want a plan that will practically garentee that you loose weight?Well follow this easy plan and you can loose weight for good. I started this about a year ago and since then have gone from 170lbs to 147lbs. That's 23lbs.This will not only help you loose weight, but get you into shape. Whenever possible substitute running in place with actual running and always stretch before running.
Week 1: Eat 1600 calories a day or less. Run 5 minutes in place and walk 20 minutes everyday.
Week 2: Eat 1500 calories a day or less. Run 7 minutes in place and walk 20 minutes or more a day.
Week 3: Eat 1400 calories a day or less. Run 10 minutes in place and walk 15 minutes or more a day.
Week 4: Eat 1500 calories a day or less. Run 12 minutes in place and walk 15 minutes or more a day.
Week 5: Eat 1600 Calories a day or...
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Reply from JB, Age 11 - 12/04/01  - IP#: 193.97.117.xxx

From Jacquelyn, Age 13 - 12/03/01 - IP#: 152.163.201.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hey, I was just wondering if there was some dieting tips that any of you could offer. I am about 179 and I am 5'6. A lot of people have been telling me I look like I am losing weight, one of my friends asked if I was still eating slim fast bars (because I did everyday for lunch last year) and I said no, he said that it looked like I have been losing a lot of weight. I have a lot of muscle since I do a lot of running in P.E. and I walk 2 miles a day after school (not by choice, job). But, is there any tips at all that you guys could give me? I'd like to drop down to about 120-150, anywhere in between there would be great. Thanks in advance! :)
You can also e-mail me @ SOAP on a ROPE x@aol.com..bye!

Reply from JB, Age 11 - 12/03/01  - IP#: 193.97.117.xxx

From lauren, Age 13 - 11/26/01 - IP#: 209.83.64.xxx  Click here to reply  
im only 13 and i weigh about 220 pounds and i really hate it,i get laughed at every day! ive tried so many diets and they dont work! im always get depressed that im over weight. all my friends a bf and i dont have one matter of fact no guys like me because the way i look. i want to be in shape and not be the one that is running slower than everyone. i dont want to turn all red because i cant catch my breath. plus i dont know why im not skinny i have a snack and then a dinner. why am i so fat? p;ease if there is anyone out here that might now an excersie or a diet that will actually work please tell me or email me. my only dream is to lose weight. i want to at least lose 80 to 110 pounds. so please help me!
Reply from Michelle, Age 14 - 11/27/01  - IP#: 216.109.204.xxx
Reply from clare, Age 16 - 11/27/01  - IP#: 195.92.67.xxx

From Nick, Age 15 - 11/25/01 - IP#: 64.12.104.xxx  Click here to reply  
hello my name is nick. Im in 9th grade and am a freshman. Im 6'ft 1in and am 211 lbs. I have tried to lose weight before and have found out it is one of the most hardest thing that kids today face. I have never given up on it totally and dont intend to now. I would really help though if i had an email buddy to work with. It always helps when u have another person to go along with so it kind of forces u to do it so i guess u can keep up with the other person. I dont think we have to do this by ourselves. So if anyone wants to do this and is about my age give me a holla by e-mail because i probably wont check up on this bulletin board again, at least for a while. It dosent matter to me what sex u are. My email address is ntbowlin@juno.com.

From princess, Age 13 - 11/19/01 - IP#: 203.166.96.xxx  Click here to reply  
i was just wondering if a guy called j.l is here ever. reply if you are him please, coz i have a question to ask you, thanks

From rachel, Age 13 - 11/19/01 - IP#: 203.166.96.xxx  Click here to reply  
does any one know any good diets? i want to lose weight really quickly so can any one help me? please could you email me at shecatt_27@hotmail.com if you have any ideas

From Ana, Age 15 - 11/19/01 - IP#: 66.69.70.xxx  Click here to reply  
hey, ive just lost 5 lbs!!!!! i don't want to brag but i just want to let all of yall know whats been working for me. Im getting great results. Im 5'5 and used to weigh 145, now i weigh 140 and im still going down. My goal wieght is 125. I eat really healthy, 2 slices of toast w/a boiled egg in the morning, half a can of tuna and some vegetables during lunch, and potatoes or cambells soup for dinner. Plus ive been doing Tae-Bo w/ Billy Blanks, it really works, i have tone and muscle definition in my arms, and my waist is getting smaller.
You CANNOT lose weight extremely fast, losing wieght is a gradual thing, and alot of people don't understand that so they give up easily and don't do it for the long haul. Pills and "fad" diets are NOT the way to go, they are extremely dangerous to your health,you could die, and only make u lose water wieght, not fat. I know how it...
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Reply from angela, Age 11 - 11/21/01  - IP#: 24.4.252.xxx
Reply from Ana, Age 15 - 11/20/01  - IP#: 66.69.70.xxx
Reply from tracy, Age 12 - 11/20/01  - IP#: 63.34.201.xxx
Reply from rachel, Age 13 - 11/20/01  - IP#: 203.166.96.xxx

From Mandy, Age 12 - 11/18/01 - IP#: 63.195.114.xxx  Click here to reply  
OMG, im not overweight, but i want to loose like 10-15 pounds. my friend is 5'5 and 103 while i am 5' and 110. i should b lighter, and since imma cheerleader, i want 2 b not fat. no one could put me up into a stunt because im not skinny. help me loose those 10-15 pounds pleexe. thanx! ^..^
Reply from jenny, Age 12 - 03/11/02  - IP#: 209.34.1.xxx
Reply from allisa, Age 12 - 11/21/01  - IP#: 65.6.88.xxx
Reply from Tracy, Age 12 - 11/19/01  - IP#: 63.34.194.xxx
Reply from Doris, Age 14 - 11/18/01  - IP#: 64.12.102.xxx

From rachel, Age 13 - 11/17/01 - IP#: 203.166.96.xxx  Click here to reply  
back again, im just wondring if this tae bo works. everyone seems to be talking about it. how long does it take to see results and hoe often do you have to do it?
Reply from Michelle, Age 14 - 11/16/01  - IP#: 216.109.204.xxx
Reply from Ana, Age 15 - 11/16/01  - IP#: 66.69.70.xxx

From Doris, Age 14 - 11/17/01 - IP#: 205.188.200.xxx  Click here to reply  
Lately I have gained an enormous amount of weight and I want to lose it.I have become depressed because of this and getting really self-concious. I want to lose around 20-26 pounds. I think it would be easier on me if I had somebody who wants to loose weight also and sort of help eachoter instead of going through all of it alone .Maybe motivate eachother and kind of stop eachother from falling into some certain temptations like chocolate or anything like that. If you are interested please reply back and feel free to e-mail me.
Reply from Sara, Age 12 - 11/22/01  - IP#: 199.232.95.xxx
Reply from rachel, Age 13 - 11/18/01  - IP#: 203.166.96.xxx

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