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From sandra, Age 12 - 08/01/02 - IP#: 68.11.128.xxx  Click here to reply  
hi my name is sandra and i was wondering if anyone could help me loose a little weight. I am 11 and im 4'8 and i weigh 199 pounds.This is my real problem...im unhappy because i eat, and i eat because im unhappy. Do you think im overweight? my mom says its jusy baby fat but shes been saying that for 3 years. all my friends are a size 2 and i am a size xxlarge in everything i buy. Its hard to go shopping because i cant find anything my size. Does anyone have any ideas on how to loose 100 punds in 1 months? thanks!
Reply from Eric, Age 15 - 08/13/02  - IP#: 200.152.5.xxx
Reply from Lisa, Age 14 - 08/01/02  - IP#: 66.19.125.xxx
Reply from Leslie, Age 14 - 08/01/02  - IP#: 24.128.71.xxx

From leslie, Age 14 - 08/01/02 - IP#: 24.128.71.xxx  Click here to reply  
if anybody has some great websites they would be so kind to request then please do thanks!!!

From Amardian, Age 13 - 08/01/02 - IP#: 64.12.97.xxx  Click here to reply  
hey g'z sup amardy here lol i is tryin to loose weight i have lost sum but not much i is jus tweakin rite now i aint sure i i is gonna gain it bak ya know todya i had special k, 4 breakiefast, um i had a craving for chinese food so i took a lil (like half a handful) from mah dads thing and i had a bowl of cereal for lunch and my ma is makin me drink gatorade cuz i an dehydrating really bad
Amardian Sheereese
Reply from blah, Age 15 - 08/01/02  - IP#: 24.120.40.xxx
Reply from krissy, Age 12 - 08/01/02  - IP#: 4.47.87.xxx

From jayna, Age 12 - 08/01/02 - IP#: 206.214.175.xxx  Click here to reply  
k my school starts in 21 days and i would like to lose 10 lbs by then (if posible) but if i cant i will keep going during the school year. please give me a good way to lose a lot of weight. i would do weight watchers but my parents won't let me pay for the program so please help me i am 5'3 and weigh 140 and i would like to lose 10-15 lbs. so please give me some ideas on losing weight fast. cuz i wanna go to school lookin like a new person thanks jayna
Reply from Kolleen, Age 12 - 08/02/02  - IP#: 12.220.54.xxx
Reply from Elena, Age 15 - 08/01/02  - IP#: 66.19.125.xxx

From kelsey, Age 12 - 08/01/02 - IP#: 206.214.175.xxx  Click here to reply  
please help me i need to know how to get my legs and arm smaller. u can email me if u know some idea. my eamil is mino_08@yahoo.com

From kylan, Age 15 - 08/01/02 - IP#: 67.80.149.xxx  Click here to reply  
hey everyone i just wanted to tell you how great weight watchers is. I;ve been doing it for a week and have lost 6 pounds! and i am not starving myself, just staying in my point range. and i also do taebo everyday. its great i can't wait for another week! :-)

From Sage, Age 14 - 08/01/02 - IP#: 205.188.209.xxx  Click here to reply  
.::Hola senioritas (and seniors) my name is Sage (Say-jah) and i am wondering if i could possibly loose 5lbs b4 this up coming friday? please post asauc (as soon as u can) gracias

From SARA, Age 12 - 08/01/02 - IP#: 152.163.213.xxx  Click here to reply  
Reply from i LOVE hayden c., Age 121 - 08/01/02  - IP#: 24.120.40.xxx

From ben m, Age 12 - 08/01/02 - IP#: 209.180.136.xxx  Click here to reply  
I to fat for my age I think I need to lose about 150 pounds I'm 5,4 And 250 pound and if you know how to lose some of it Let me know Because I crying as I write thisBye Ben M
Reply from manda, Age 14 - 08/02/02  - IP#: 64.12.96.xxx
Reply from Jessica, Age 13 - 08/02/02  - IP#: 66.19.48.xxx

From JORDAN, Age 12 - 08/01/02 - IP#: 64.12.96.xxx  Click here to reply  

From Ashley, Age 14 - 08/01/02 - IP#: 209.180.136.xxx  Click here to reply  
Does the camera really add 10 pounds. My mom says it does. ans i kind of that it's just something she said to make me feel better
Reply from ~*~Court~*~, Age 14 - 08/02/02  - IP#: 66.183.148.xxx
Reply from manda, Age 14 - 08/02/02  - IP#: 64.12.96.xxx
Reply from Jessica, Age 13 - 08/02/02  - IP#: 66.19.48.xxx
Reply from Brian, Age 16 - 08/02/02  - IP#: 67.225.135.xxx
Reply from rick, Age 14 - 08/01/02  - IP#: 209.180.136.xxx

From Melanie, Age 12 - 08/01/02 - IP#: 142.163.8.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi! I'm overweight and like most overweight kids I hate it. I really want to lose some weight before school starts but I need some ideas,fast! . I need something that will help me lose weight fast and healthy. Please someone give me some soluations and help me!
Reply from ~*~Court~*~, Age 14 - 08/02/02  - IP#: 66.183.148.xxx

From Kiara, Age 17 - 07/31/02 - IP#: 12.224.109.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi everyone! This is my first time here, and i must say i'm very depressed with the way i look. I'm curently at 195lbs, and i'm 5'8" I'm a huge tubbo and i can't wait to start losing weight!
Reply from Martha, Age 14 - 08/01/02  - IP#: 66.19.125.xxx

From Ana, Age 16 - 07/31/02 - IP#: 66.69.73.xxx  Click here to reply  
I don't know why im even bothering to write, im so down right now. Im 16, and have been binging all week, dear god...I try and excercise 6 days a week, but sometimes I only get to do five. Since then, I haven't had my period in two months, yes...two months. My mom's worried, but the thing is, I have so much wieght to lose, like 12 lbs, and my binging is gonna add lbs, I just feel so bad.
Reply from Camille, Age 14 - 08/01/02  - IP#: 63.108.149.xxx
Reply from manda, Age 14 - 08/01/02  - IP#: 172.135.132.xxx
Reply from Christina, Age 17 - 07/31/02  - IP#: 207.0.58.xxx
Reply from ~*~Court~*~, Age 14 - 07/31/02  - IP#: 66.183.148.xxx
Reply from krissy, Age 12 - 07/31/02  - IP#: 4.47.87.xxx

From Kay, Age 16 - 07/31/02 - IP#: 208.46.230.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi everyone... I'm 16, 5'5" 185lbs & I wear a size 11 to 13 jeans in juniors, depending on the brand. I do admit that I do have a big stomach, but I can deal with that. That's not my problem. My problem is my butt. I have a huge butt that I want to get rid of. That's the main reason I can't fit in to smaller pants. I have 25 days until I go school shopping & I would like to lose a few inches on my butt before then, so I can fit into maybe a size 10 or 9 if I'm lucky. The prob is, I don't know how to go about doing it. I need tips & advice on exercises to make my butt smaller. If you have any, please let me know. Thanks in advance...
Reply from leslie, Age 14 - 08/01/02  - IP#: 24.128.71.xxx

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