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From kl;asd - 02/08/04 - IP#: 209.86.98.xxx  Click here to reply  
how can I lose 20 lbs by April?

From zig-zag, Age 13 - 02/08/04 - IP#: 216.180.203.xxx  Click here to reply  
What is a low carb diet. Please respond. I want as many people to respond so I understand. What do you do in a low carb diet. PLEASE HLEP
Reply from Carla, Age 13 - 02/08/04  - IP#: 24.91.153.xxx

From ..*WuT tO dO*.., Age 15 - 02/08/04 - IP#: 68.103.133.xxx  Click here to reply  
HeLP! i have tried everything to lose weight and now i am thinking about binging and purging:| I DONT WANT TO DO THAT, but it seems that it might be the only thing that will help me lose weight. someone help plz!!!
Reply from Claudia, Age 14 - 02/08/04  - IP#: 24.67.253.xxx
Reply from Leah, Age 15 - 02/08/04  - IP#: 67.160.173.xxx

From ash, Age 13 - 02/08/04 - IP#: 209.6.245.xxx  Click here to reply  
if ur close to 160 email me awgymnast@rcn.com,post, im me aw111790. i hav a hard time motivating myself may b if im in a contest itll motivate me mor. please let me if u wanna b in a contest
Reply from steph, Age 16 - 02/09/04  - IP#: 205.188.209.xxx

From lindsey, Age 14 - 02/08/04 - IP#: 209.30.163.xxx  Click here to reply  
how much do u think i can lose by may 21st if i eat fruit for breakfast, either soup, salad, or like a baked potato for lunch, and then a slim fast meal for dinner? and i drink 9+ cups of water a day..and i will try to do like at least 100 crunches a day..and probly like an hour of dance dance revolution a week
Reply from Carla, Age 13 - 02/08/04  - IP#: 24.91.153.xxx
Reply from to carla, Age 14 - 02/08/04  - IP#: 209.30.163.xxx
Reply from Carla, Age 13 - 02/08/04  - IP#: 24.91.153.xxx

From Regina Falangi, Age 16 - 02/08/04 - IP#: 24.141.101.xxx  Click here to reply  
Does anyone know some exercises to tone my love handles??? plz reply.
Reply from Claudia, Age 14 - 02/08/04  - IP#: 24.67.253.xxx

From sarah, Age 15 - 02/08/04 - IP#: 209.86.98.xxx  Click here to reply  
from my last post about zantrex 3...i know you have heard this a million times that they dont work, but I didnt listen to anyone, I was like well they worked for celeberites and they seem to work, those people just didnt take them the right way or something...well I had the overwhelming urge just to try them and I did, they didnt work at all. I took them at the right times everyday and ate right and exerised, but no weight loss occured, even with exercising! talk about a "diet pill" eh? well, if you still feel that they will somehow work for you, try apple cider vinegar pills, they are about 5-15 dollars, they dont make you sick and have almost the same fat burning power as some of the other pills on the market. You'll save money to! I hope I can just let others know that diet pills, no matter how many adds, commericals, testionmails or other things you cant seem to find "the small print in" there is small print, which just wants to take your money....I love you all and I hope that if you still feel the urge to resort to diet pills you will be wise and safe!

From amy, Age 16 - 02/08/04 - IP#: 195.93.32.xxx  Click here to reply  
to lose 2 dress sizes in a month u have 2 do this. breakfast one slice of toast. lunch jacket potato, beans on toast spagetti bolonise corn beef , any ready made meal under 400 cals and chose one of them again 4 dinner. u can also have a fun size bar of chocolate or crisps under 100 cals. and do 15 mins 2 30 mins exercise a day. it was in a magazine and it really works

From Hillary, Age 16 - 02/08/04 - IP#: 67.35.38.xxx  Click here to reply  
hey yall. im 169 now! down from 174-175. and i owe it all to jay mgraws book! everyone should own one and i treat it as my social bible now! its not like its a struggle to resist certain foods and to change my thinkin cuz i naturally now go, "oh jay said i should probably do this, or i shouldnt say that" and i ddont. its not a body diet, its a mind diet and I LOVE IT. please yall-give it a shot. trust me...by the way, does anyone know if taco bell is really bad for you cuz i just chowed down with my dad lol

From Gladys, Age 15 - 02/07/04 - IP#: 141.149.115.xxx  Click here to reply  
hi all, i havent been here in a while and since then i have lost about 5 lbs going from 198 to 193. lol. but thats only because im now down to starving myself. its been going on for almost a week now and i really cant believe it. i execise alot too... i kno there must be a better way but i've been looking and i havent found it. actually i got really inspired by my new boyfriend and its with him that i realize that i can be better. i want to lose about 50 lbs and as much as i can before summer. but anyway if anyone has any suggestions i'll be really happy to hear some. thanx alot!!!~
Reply from Mandy, Age 16 - 02/08/04  - IP#: 152.163.252.xxx

From ash, Age 13 - 02/07/04 - IP#: 209.6.245.xxx  Click here to reply  
im 13 and 160 pounds. i want 2 hav a bf and i no my wieght proably wouldnt matter but i also want 2 b happy w/ myself. i want to lose @ least 30 pounds by the latest june. i want 2 b @ 110 by next september cuz i start high skool. i want 2 b proud of hoo i am and i think if i lose the wieht i will b.i hav low self motivation and i giv in 2 easily please help me. if u hav any suggestions or reciepes please post, email me awgymnas@rcn.com, or im me my sn is aw111790 thanx
Reply from samantha, Age 14 - 02/09/04  - IP#: 68.94.26.xxx

From Mel, Age 14 - 02/07/04 - IP#: 156.34.239.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi ive never been to this board before , but im just lookin up different ways of loosing weight and i saw this so i decided to try it out . Im 14 and i weigh 148 and i feel really big for my age im about 5'4 or 5'5 and i seriosly want to lose weight but when i decide to go on a diet i never can stick to it . Last summer i tried biking every day and eatin healther and i biked around my block for about 2 -3 weeks but it didnt do any good and by then the summer was over . My friends always say "your not fat or big" when I say somethin like i look fat or my fat sticking out of this shirt or something like that but i know they just say that so they dont hurt my feelings and somedays i wish they would just addmit it . I know i sound like i care alot about the way i look and i hate being like this .. anyway the reason i posted here was to see what everyones opions are about me , and anyones advice would be great! Thanks for readin this Mel
Reply from sihaya, Age 16 - 02/18/04  - IP#: 64.229.117.xxx

From Kristina, Age 13 - 02/07/04 - IP#: 68.72.175.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi well does anybody have any advice on how to loss weight my dad is starting the whole family on the Atkins Diet. Oh and yay the BoFlex came and my dad is putting it together. How can I loss 20-30 pounds in like only 2 months is it possible.
Reply from Claudia, Age 14 - 02/08/04  - IP#: 24.67.253.xxx
Reply from Claudia, Age 14 - 02/08/04  - IP#: 24.67.253.xxx

From ash, Age 13 - 02/07/04 - IP#: 209.6.245.xxx  Click here to reply  
i want 2 lose 30 pounds or more. i hav always been bigger but now that im older i am mor aware. all i want is to b happy w/ myself. please giv me any suggestions u hav.

From THE FAT ONE, Age 14 - 02/07/04 - IP#: 4.33.229.xxx  Click here to reply  

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