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From Kyle, Age 10 - 01/29/04 - IP#: 205.188.208.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi everybody, I will be 11 in 3 months. I'm big for my age, I stand 5'8 inches tall, and I did weigh just at 200 pounds and lost 10 pounds, now my problem is I gained the weit back but my eating habit hasn't changed. I just wanted to get opinion from some older people on what they think I should do to keep the weit off. I'm the biggest in my grade, bigger than some of my teachers and I hate it. If I could get down to 140 or 150 pounds I would be happy. Thanks.
Reply from Anthony, Age 16 - 02/01/04  - IP#: 152.163.252.xxx

From vanessa, Age 17 - 01/28/04 - IP#: 24.170.74.xxx  Click here to reply  
hey guys i have so much trouble with my weight. what can i do? i drink more than 2 liters of water i do 50 mins of tabeo and like 500 crunches what else can i do what do i stop eating give me advise to stop eating and give me more workouts to do often everyday my weight is 175 pls help me
Reply from anne, Age 17 - 01/29/04  - IP#: 216.66.108.xxx
Reply from Joanna, Age 16 - 01/29/04  - IP#: 209.177.34.xxx
Reply from fsdf, Age 12 - 01/28/04  - IP#: 4.12.22.xxx

From Jennifer, Age 14 - 01/27/04 - IP#: 66.73.161.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hey its me again I was wondering because I weigh 285 and im 5'7 and next week we are swimming in my high school 1st period I dont want to get in the pool because I am embarressed about my weight but its only nineteen days of swimming but I really dont want everyone to see my fat embarrasing body in a swimsuit please help me WHAT SHOULD I DO IM 285 AND EMBARRESED HELP MEI THINK I SHOULD JUST FAIL THAT PART OF THE CLASS
Reply from kiera, Age 13 - 01/28/04  - IP#: 65.128.128.xxx
Reply from anne, Age 17 - 01/28/04  - IP#: 216.66.108.xxx
Reply from trust me, Age 20 - 01/28/04  - IP#: 209.172.247.xxx
Reply from Marie, Age 14 - 01/27/04  - IP#: 68.13.6.xxx

From Mallory, Age 15 - 01/27/04 - IP#: 65.93.142.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi there im 5"5 and i weigh 200 pounds ive been battling with my wieght for years and im sick of it does anyone out there now a faster way of losing the pounds that i can do while going to high school?
Reply from Joanna, Age 16 - 01/27/04  - IP#: 205.188.208.xxx
Reply from Melissa, Age 15 - 01/27/04  - IP#: 24.171.17.xxx
Reply from Chelsea, Age 14 - 01/27/04  - IP#: 66.167.147.xxx

From Jennifer, Age 14 - 01/26/04 - IP#: 64.108.194.xxx  Click here to reply  
Soemone out there please tell me a good diet plan for someone who has no healthy food to eat at school all we have is pizza nachos cheese burgers chicken patties with cheese fried chicken starches and then all they sell is junk food chips doughnuts twisters pops fruit works they do see water with flavor that has 90 calories. please help me I weigh 285 I need to loose 145 pounds in at least 1-1/2 years please tell me what exercise tapes are the best and what foods are the best and what diets are the best PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE
Reply from Muylais, Age 17 - 01/27/04  - IP#: 151.198.226.xxx
Reply from anne, Age 17 - 01/27/04  - IP#: 216.66.108.xxx
Reply from Joanna, Age 16 - 01/27/04  - IP#: 209.177.34.xxx
Reply from Marina, Age 16 - 01/26/04  - IP#: 24.215.12.xxx
Reply from Hillary, Age 16 - 01/26/04  - IP#: 67.35.39.xxx

From Ashlee, Age 14 - 01/25/04 - IP#: 152.163.252.xxx  Click here to reply  
does anyone know how to get rid of stretch marks, i have them on the sides of my stomach and i hate them i also have some on the inside of my thighs. they make me look terrible in a bathng suit, plus i want to lose abotu 20 lbs before march, my dad is taking me and my brother to an indoor water park in Erie PA and you basically wear a bathing suit for 75% of the day so i ant to look good, or at least like im comfortable with myself. ANT TIPS
Reply from Mar, Age 15 - 01/26/04  - IP#: 141.153.246.xxx
Reply from Aimee, Age 16 - 01/25/04  - IP#: 68.45.21.xxx
Reply from Hillary, Age 16 - 01/25/04  - IP#: 67.35.38.xxx

From Ryan, Age 14 - 01/24/04 - IP#: 64.12.96.xxx  Click here to reply  
I am so huge i have to were diapers becuase it is hard to get up for me.PEZ help me
Reply from Kathy, Age 16 - 01/24/04  - IP#: 67.167.14.xxx
Reply from Hillary, Age 16 - 01/24/04  - IP#: 67.35.33.xxx

From HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Age 19 - 01/21/04 - IP#: 12.75.211.xxx  Click here to reply  
I want to loose weight ALOT!!! lol no but seriously what can I do to go from fatty ugly to the true hotter me by summer or at least have a start by then????I need EXERCISES DIETS ANYTHING TELL ME WHAT TO DO PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REPLY PLEASEI'm worried about being so heavy and I think that if I don't do something I'll get like diabeates or heart disease. SO PLEASE REPLY I'm 5ft 2inches and I'm 300 pounds
Reply from flutist, Age 16 - 01/21/04  - IP#: 152.163.252.xxx

From fatty, Age 12 - 01/20/04 - IP#: 195.93.32.xxx  Click here to reply  
I seem NOT to be loosing weight... I try ansd try but npothing is working... I tried starving but that didn't work and excersizing n stuff and eatin all healthy food butTHAT didn't work wghat am I gonna do I wanna loose 3 stone
Reply from hatter, Age 15 - 06/05/05  - IP#: 70.249.208.xxx
Reply from katie, Age 12 - 03/05/04  - IP#: 152.163.252.xxx
Reply from Elizabeth, Age 17 - 01/21/04  - IP#: 151.198.226.xxx
Reply from anne, Age 17 - 01/20/04  - IP#: 216.66.108.xxx
Reply from to fatty, Age 12 - 01/20/04  - IP#: 24.46.97.xxx

From marilyn, Age 17 - 01/19/04 - IP#: 64.12.96.xxx  Click here to reply  
hey everyone im new here!!! im 17 years old , 6 feet and 1 inch tall and i wiegh 190 lbs i wann be 150 lbs by may!!! i am goin to the gym.... and doing 100 crunches each nite.... but i dont kno what to eat... i kno some of u are trying to lose weight too, and u have problems of ur own ... but my parents wont help.... because they said i will never be able to loose weight!! i asked my mom if she could cook healthier and she said no ... does any one have any meal and snack ideas?!! i joined a gym and payed for it out of my own pocket (I have a job)i REALLY NEED UR HELP!!!! PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!!! THANK U IN ADVANCE... i love ya all
Reply from Elizabeth, Age 21 - 01/19/04  - IP#: 209.172.247.xxx
Reply from anne, Age 17 - 01/19/04  - IP#: 216.66.108.xxx
Reply from Quisha, Age 17 - 01/19/04  - IP#: 152.163.252.xxx

From bailie, Age 13 - 01/19/04 - IP#: 24.217.11.xxx  Click here to reply  
im soooooooo dissapointed in my self i havent been on here in a long time and think its b/c i feel bad b/c i quite my whole diet thing during christmas break i went from drinking only water to soda and mostly dont drink water anymore, i eat what ever when ever and like everyday at lunch i have to have a bag of m&m's. just the other day when i went to my cuzins house to stay the night and she is an overweight person (im definatly not trying to be mean) and she isnt really a person who cares if she gains any weight well when i came home i felt like i had gained 5 pounds in just 2 days!!! and i feel really bad when i eat and everything. plus during christmas break and even during school right b4 xmas break i would like feel all sick and stuff so my mom made me stop drinking green tea thinking that might be the prob. soo... i have decided that im going to slowly get back on... (view more)
Reply from Claudia, Age 14 - 01/19/04  - IP#: 24.67.253.xxx
Reply from Claudia, Age 14 - 01/19/04  - IP#: 24.67.253.xxx
Reply from Claudia, Age 14 - 01/19/04  - IP#: 24.67.253.xxx

From UMMM...HELP!!, Age 14 - 01/19/04 - IP#: 68.7.152.xxx  Click here to reply  
Im disgusted with myself! I dont even want to look in the mirror anymore! I need help with losing weight... Im so depressed! my mom and my sister both call me fat ass! can anybody help me?
Reply from anne, Age 17 - 01/19/04  - IP#: 216.66.108.xxx
Reply from determined, Age 16 - 01/19/04  - IP#: 67.35.36.xxx
Reply from annie, Age 14 - 01/19/04  - IP#: 195.92.67.xxx
Reply from lauren, Age 16 - 01/19/04  - IP#: 195.93.33.xxx
Reply from courtney, Age 15 - 01/19/04  - IP#: 205.188.208.xxx

From unknown, Age 13 - 01/19/04 - IP#: 68.7.152.xxx  Click here to reply  
Well my sister always make fun of my weight by saying things like "go up stairs and do sit ups, you need to" or calling me fat ass and fatso... I dont know what to do i am always feeling depressed and am always crying because i hurt so bad inside... what should i do?
Reply from anne, Age 17 - 01/19/04  - IP#: 216.66.108.xxx
Reply from annie, Age 14 - 01/19/04  - IP#: 195.92.67.xxx

From star, Age 17 - 01/19/04 - IP#: 65.26.0.xxx  Click here to reply  
melissa it took me about 2 years to lose all that weight.
It took so long because i would start a diet and exercise than I would stop. And I kept repeating that process till one day I finally said that I would stick to it all the way.
Reply from annie, Age 14 - 01/19/04  - IP#: 195.92.67.xxx

From Brittany, Age 17 - 01/19/04 - IP#: 68.248.72.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'5", Today: 221 lb (BMI %tile: 98) - Oh man, where do I begin.... I've been overweight for just about all of my life. I'm 17 now, 5'5" and 221 pounds. I have been so depressed lately because of my weight. I have been second guessing friendships because I'm afraid they dont like me for me.. and it's just getting worse. I want more than anything to have a companion. Someone I can talk to and go to whenever I need something. People are just so shallow sometimes. I am sick of guys judging you.... it seems like girls have to have PERFECT bodies in order for guys to even look at them. I know there are guys out there that aren't like this, but I just wish one would come my way. I believe I am a very pretty girl, just my weight is just a huge burden. I have tried nearly everything to become skinny... I have even took diet pills... and those are horrible for your body! I've stopped now, but everytime I... (view more)
Reply from annie, Age 14 - 01/19/04  - IP#: 195.92.67.xxx
Reply from ...***..., Age 13 - 01/19/04  - IP#: 69.75.4.xxx
Reply from Lacey, Age 16 - 01/19/04  - IP#: 4.7.44.xxx

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