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From Kerry, Age 13 - 11/24/02 - IP#: 152.163.188.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hey Guyz...I am a 13 year old girl in the 8th grade, I'm 5"2 and 1/2 and i weight 125 pounds! I don't know if that is an average weight for my age or it its not and i am fat?!?! If ANYONE has any tips or advice to give me so i can lose some weight becuase I think that I am SOOO fat! or if you think it is an average weight PLEASE PLEASE just tell me what you think! thanx
Reply from Chris, Age 15 - 02/12/03  - IP#: 163.179.136.xxx
Reply from Kate, Age 13 - 11/29/02  - IP#: 64.12.96.xxx
Reply from Jessica, Age 13 - 11/25/02  - IP#: 65.26.14.xxx
Reply from kortney, Age 17 - 11/24/02  - IP#: 12.227.137.xxx

From Caprice, Age 14 - 11/24/02 - IP#: 62.30.192.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hey everyone, well My sisters boyfriend is a fitness instructor and a nutritionalist and i had a long talk with him last night, and he was saying that its stupid to weigh yourself every week or how ever many times you do. you shouldnt think of it as weight loss as much, but as getting healthy for the long run and getting fitter. You should be active for at least an hour a day. (Click here to see rest of message).
Reply from Lee - 11/24/02  - IP#: 65.163.106.xxx

From Kyle, Age 12 - 11/23/02 - IP#: 64.158.39.xxx  Click here to reply  
I'm 150 pounds and not athletic either.Please reply quickly!
Reply from caprice, Age 14 - 11/24/02  - IP#: 62.30.192.xxx

From Kyle, Age 12 - 11/23/02 - IP#: 64.158.39.xxx  Click here to reply  
You think you're big.I'm a 12 year old boy and I weigh 150 Pounds!
Reply from Taylor, Age 12 - 11/26/02  - IP#: 198.81.26.xxx
Reply from Taylor, Age 12 - 11/24/02  - IP#: 198.81.26.xxx

From mimi, Age 15 - 11/23/02 - IP#: 205.162.198.xxx  Click here to reply  
could someone come to the new chat room. iam bored

From lauren, Age 12 - 11/23/02 - IP#: 24.243.156.xxx  Click here to reply  
hey brian tyler rachel jay i dont know i just wanted to say hi
Reply from Tyler, Age 15 - 11/24/02  - IP#: 209.226.89.xxx
Reply from Jay, Age 13 - 11/24/02  - IP#: 152.163.189.xxx
Reply from Rachel, Age 16 - 11/23/02  - IP#: 24.192.202.xxx

From Caprice, Age 14 - 11/23/02 - IP#: 62.30.192.xxx  Click here to reply  
OmG Sumone haz to help me! i have eaten rrreally healthily for about 4 weeks, and today i was feeling soo depressed that i ate chocolate that added up to 7oo calories! omg i feel really bad now, and after i was thinking that tonight to make up for it i should miss a meal. but im not sure. du you think this will make me put on weight? and do you think i should just go back to my normal healthy eating 2mrw, and jus excercise. i feel really bad about eating all that chocolate and im worried i will have gained weight. i only did it today? and b4 i did have all da chocolate i had eaten healthy that day, but then i got really depressed, and i ate! please help me anyone who can, thanks
Reply from Shayna, Age 11 - 11/23/02  - IP#: 24.185.122.xxx
Reply from Beth, Age 15 - 11/23/02  - IP#: 195.93.33.xxx

From Jay, Age 13 - 11/23/02 - IP#: 152.163.188.xxx  Click here to reply  
TO RACHEL sorry about in the old chat room i was in there i wouldnt let me send anyting the chat room screen showed up but the place where u wrote the text didnt sorry
Reply from Rachel, Age 16 - 11/23/02  - IP#: 24.192.202.xxx

From --, Age 14 - 11/23/02 - IP#: 66.188.235.xxx  Click here to reply  
I feel fat and I have a stomach that's kind of big. I don't know how much I weigh though!
Reply from sam, Age 13 - 11/27/02  - IP#: 12.248.241.xxx

From Melissa, Age 12 - 11/23/02 - IP#: 64.78.115.xxx  Click here to reply  
I really need your help! I weigh 120 lbs and i am soo fat! please dont say im not because i really look it and i need to loose like 20 lbs. I need to loose the weight fast and i need your help. Please write back ppl!
Reply from Jess, Age 12 - 11/24/02  - IP#: 12.251.231.xxx

From Jay, Age 13 - 11/22/02 - IP#: 152.163.188.xxx  Click here to reply  
Is the old chat room working for anyone else? its not for me its probably just my messed up computer but im getting a new one soon it should be in tomorrow and then i can go in the new one! yay!
Reply from Jay, Age 13 - 11/23/02  - IP#: 152.163.189.xxx
Reply from Jay, Age 13 - 11/23/02  - IP#: 152.163.189.xxx
Reply from henry, Age 13 - 11/23/02  - IP#: 209.245.172.xxx

From Sam, Age 13 - 11/22/02 - IP#: 12.248.241.xxx  Click here to reply  
Advice: Eat foods with tons of fiber. Like oatmeal. Get the low fat big jar and put your own brown sugar to sweeten it. (just a little) fiber helps you poop and makes you not want to eat. With no brown sugar, you can have a bigger potion to fill you up. Also eat hard boiled eggs without the yoke when your reeally hungry-0 calorie And really good:) If you are trying to loose weight, eat only a limit to 1200-1500 calories a day. Excercise: find what are of body you want to work out and down load exsersices off internet for you area. For instants-I don't like my arms or handles, so with my diet i work out 3 times aweek or more by doing an obleek ab workout and 2 sets of push ups or pull ups when I get good. And remeber motivation always helps:)
Reply from Shayna, Age 11 - 11/26/02  - IP#: 24.185.122.xxx
Reply from Shayna, Age 11 - 11/23/02  - IP#: 24.185.122.xxx
Reply from Sam - 11/23/02  - IP#: 12.248.241.xxx
Reply from Shayna, Age 11 - 11/22/02  - IP#: 24.185.122.xxx

From Laura, Age 18 - 11/22/02 - IP#: 64.172.50.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hey CAPRICE. How are you doing with your healthy lifestyle change? Keep me updated, please!
Reply from deseray, Age 13 - 11/23/02  - IP#: 64.12.96.xxx
Reply from Caprice, Age 14 - 11/23/02  - IP#: 62.30.192.xxx
Reply from Shayna, Age 11 - 11/22/02  - IP#: 24.185.122.xxx

From kortney, Age 17 - 11/22/02 - IP#: 12.227.137.xxx  Click here to reply  
hi im kortney and i 17 years old i weigh 130 puonds and im 5'3 am i fat because people say im not but are they lying to me? i also want to lose 20 puonds please help me out with this one. also im very active i run and lift everyday and i play volleyball and softball so whats my problem
Reply from Laura, Age 18 - 11/22/02  - IP#: 64.172.50.xxx

From manda jh, Age 14 - 11/21/02 - IP#: 172.158.227.xxx  Click here to reply  
I want to say Hi to Henry. I haven't talked to you in so long and I wanted to know how you're doing with your diet. ;-)
Reply from henry, Age 13 - 11/22/02  - IP#: 209.244.111.xxx

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