BlubberBusters Tips from Lucy

Take the New Year Challenge!

Are you ready for the challenge? You say this is the year to be healthier. I believe you can do it! You may have tried before. Maybe those tries did not work. This year can be different. Read the challenge below. Each challenge has it's very own scoreboard link. This can help you keep track. Print out this challenge and sign it. Commit to making yourself stronger and healthier this year!


I Will Challenge My Food Choices

I challenge myself to eat healthier. I will eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day. I will drink at least 8 cups of water per day. This means I will not starve myself or even skip meals. I know food is important for my body to run. I will allow myself to have enough yet not too much. I will eat only when my stomach tells me through hunger. I will stop eating when I feel full.                Keep score here.


              I Will Challenge My Ways of Moving

I challenge myself to move my body more. I will find ways everyday to get my heart pumping. I will take the stairs or offer to walk more places. I will dance. I will play. I will run. My body will thank me.
                             Keep score here.

I Will Challenge My Ways of Believing in Me

I challenge myself to love me more! I will think positively about my weight loss efforts even on days I eat more than I want. I will be proud of who I am and proud of my body. I will reward myself with something other than food for my hard work every week. Instead of eating to make myself feel better, I will find ways to express myself. I know I will be sad, mad, bored, lonely, or stressed this year. This year, though, I will find ways to feel better without food (like take my dog for a walk).
                                               Keep score here.



                                          Your name here

Losing weight is very hard work. Remember, it is good work. This year you can be healthier. Remember to not give up since losing weight takes time. Believe in yourself and remember that I believe you can do it!  

Make this a healthy
week...and year!

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