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From waytoofat, Age 11 - 01/26/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hi im so fat i try everything and i just gained it all back plus more! I am 5ft1in. and i weigh (too much)...UH i am scareed too say it......a 195lbs. I want to have flat stomach (or at least a little flatter) by June. I NEED HELP! Badly! I need to lose At LEAST 50Lbs. if anybody has lost alot (at least 30lbs) PLS tell we what u did! What kind of exercise that is easy can i do? I want to it for a boy to like me but he doesn't like me because im soooooo Fat
Reply from Nasia, Age 13 - 12/26/04  - IP#:
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From Angel, Age 13 - 01/25/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I lost sooo much weight doing this! ~ Drink at least 8 8oz glasses of water per day I cheat I put a lemon slice in mine to make it more satisfying. ~ Cut back on the dairy! dont eat ice cream,fast food,bread and milk over 1% ~Do eat apples,celery,cucumbers, salad, oatmeal etc... and in just 2 days I lost 7lbs!!!! REMEMBER: NO SODA OR OTHER BEVERAGES JUST WATER!!! Try it! It works!
Reply from Janice, Age 21 - 07/25/05  - IP#:
Reply from vanessa, Age 17 - 01/28/04  - IP#:

From Jess, Age 12 - 01/24/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I dont know if this will help ne1, but in a week i ate normally and danced for at least an 1/2 every night over a week. and i lost 4 lbs! so try that and see what happens
Reply from Jess, Age 12 - 02/26/04  - IP#:
Reply from vidia, Age 12 - 02/11/04  - IP#:
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From Nikki, Age 10 - 01/24/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
can u help . i need to lose 50 pounds . i weigh 150
Reply from courtney, Age 14 - 01/24/04  - IP#:

From Michael, Age 10 - 01/21/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
You guys have helped me. I lost 7 pounds in about 3 months. I hope I will succeed in losing more weight.
Reply from Caroline, Age 13 - 01/25/04  - IP#:

From laura - 01/21/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
my dad keeps telling me to loswe waight but i cant i have had salads for the past 2 years and im still big and fat
Reply from monika, Age 11 - 01/23/04  - IP#:
Reply from Arianna, Age 15 - 01/21/04  - IP#:

From Jessica^_^!, Age 12 - 01/20/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hi I weigh 132-133punds and I am about 5ft 5inches. I do know that I am fat and I don't think ia m overweight, but I don't know how much weight to lose so that I will look slimmer, I am a size 7 in juniors and all of the people I know are sizes 0-1. Please help me!
Reply from Vidia, Age 12 - 01/26/04  - IP#:
Reply from corey, Age 14 - 01/24/04  - IP#:
Reply from Arianna, Age 15 - 01/20/04  - IP#:

From LeXi, Age 12 - 01/19/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I dunno bout u guyz, butt I think having a diet buddy through AIM is 10 times easier. So post your height, weight, gender, age and Aol or AIM screename here!! I hope that multiple people get use from this post!! MWAZ... Lexi
Reply from ally, Age 12 - 01/27/04  - IP#:
Reply from corey, Age 14 - 01/24/04  - IP#:
Reply from Danielle, Age 11 - 01/22/04  - IP#:
Reply from Andrew, Age 14 - 01/21/04  - IP#:

From lying scale? cont., Age 12 - 01/19/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
EEK!!!!! I now weigh 200 F****ing pounds. I know it's a lot but I can't belive I lost 24 pounds sice september!!! Now that I am not all (at least not oo much) sepressed I am gonna continue sprots and stuff
Reply from Me to 210 POUNDER, Age 13 - 02/06/04  - IP#:
Reply from Me to Beth, Age 13 - 02/06/04  - IP#:
Reply from patrick, Age 12 - 01/21/04  - IP#:
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From joe, Age 11 - 01/19/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
i need to lose weight i weigh 195 and i'm 11 and 5'2 i want to lose weight please help me tell foods and exercises please help
Reply from Jessica, Age 18 - 05/26/04  - IP#:
Reply from a person, Age 11 - 03/15/04  - IP#:
Reply from meagan, Age 12 - 02/29/04  - IP#:
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From lying scale?, Age 12 - 01/19/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
We went to this amusement park with my skool and there was this thing were if the gut working there guesses your weight and it's at least 5 pounds off u win a giant spongebob squarepants. I am a HUGE FAN... there was no other way to win it, and I really wanted it so I had no other choice but to do it. The guy looked at me and he looked embaressed to guess my weight... "Um 220 pounds?". I was offended by his guess. In Junee 2003 I weighed a whoppin 190 pounds, I knew I gained weight cuz my size 14 jeans wouldn't even get over my butt, but I thought maybe like ten pounds. I stepped on the scale and it was one of those scales where the numbers go up slowly and u never know where its gonna stop. I watched it go up passed 190 and passed 200 (eek) passed 210 and even passed 220. I weighed 224 pounds, I didn't get a spongebob and that was by far the worst day of my lyfe. I gained 34 pounds in 6 months. I try excersizing but I get tired after 5 minutes. I know hardly fit into a 16 "plus" jeans. Well anyway I just got a new scale... assebling it and Ill get back to u in a min....
Reply from sharebear691, Age 13 - 03/07/04  - IP#:
Reply from Andrew, Age 14 - 01/21/04  - IP#:
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Reply from patrick, Age 12 - 01/19/04  - IP#:

From Lindsey, Age 13 - 01/19/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hi. I'm not over weight, but i still have 5 more pounds to lose before i can be slim. If you have any solutions, please reply.
Reply from Casey, Age 13 - 02/06/04  - IP#:

From Jamie, Age 12 - 01/19/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I hate my life. Whenever I meet new people all I think about is oh my god they must think I am so fat. Well I am 5'6 and weigh 200 pounds. I do not eat a lot and I love to play sports. But when I look in the mirror all I see is fat fat fat. People tell me I am so pretty but I just need to lose alot of weight. I just wish I was skinny...I hate my self so much...PLEASE HELP ME!!!
Reply from Jessica, Age 18 - 05/26/04  - IP#:
Reply from KATELYN, Age 13 - 04/30/04  - IP#:
Reply from **KAtE**, Age 12 - 02/04/04  - IP#:
Reply from beth, Age 12 - 01/31/04  - IP#:
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From Melissa, Age 12 - 01/18/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
If you want to lose weight, first of all, get off this computer and stay off it! Now, go exersize. Even though many of you are naturally overweight, you can slim down alot by not going out to eat, this means ever. From this point on, don't go out and eat at buffets or resturants, simply make your own healthy food at home. And try some exercises, for instant, I am 12.. 5'5, used to be 150 lbs.. but due to my change in lifestyle, I'm now 125, and I feel much for happy and content. You really ought to get off this computer and go outside and have fun! I am not demanding some miracle, but cutting down a little here and there goes a long way!
Reply from ashley, Age 12 - 01/31/04  - IP#:
Reply from toofat, Age 11 - 01/26/04  - IP#:

From monika, Age 11 - 01/18/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
can any one help me!!!!!!!!! i want to loose i want to loose 10 pounds i weight 170lbs
Reply from Lina, Age 16 - 01/29/04  - IP#:
Reply from Arianna, Age 15 - 01/20/04  - IP#:

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