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From Mel, Age 14 - 10/21/02 - IP#: 66.19.37.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hey~people I have lost 24 pounds so far,I'm so happy, because before I couldn't keep a diet and now I'm on my way to reach my goal.I still have 60 more pounds to go.and for all of you that want to start a diet believe in yourself.If I can do it you can!~*Mel*~
Reply from Tyler, Age 14 - 10/25/02  - IP#: 209.226.54.xxx
Reply from Mel, Age 14 - 10/23/02  - IP#: 66.19.125.xxx
Reply from daniel, Age 12 - 10/23/02  - IP#: 195.92.67.xxx
Reply from manda jh, Age 4 - 10/22/02  - IP#: 64.12.96.xxx
Reply from Destiny, Age 14 - 10/22/02  - IP#: 66.80.97.xxx

From Katie, Age 17 - 10/21/02 - IP#: 192.108.16.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi, ok here it goes. My problem and it will sound strange, is that I can very seldom go to the bathroom. Because of this, my stoamche swells and I gain weight. My doctor ignores me when I explain it to him. I have tryed diet pills, but can not loose because it is very hard for me to urniate. Please, some help me.
Reply from candy, Age 14 - 11/06/02  - IP#: 202.156.2.xxx
Reply from Ashley, Age 16 - 10/25/02  - IP#: 67.243.251.xxx
Reply from Kevin, Age 16 - 10/23/02  - IP#: 205.188.209.xxx
Reply from Michelle, Age 14 - 10/23/02  - IP#: 63.168.31.xxx

From Jamie, Age 13 - 10/20/02 - IP#: 205.188.209.xxx  Click here to reply  
is it true that if you eat a peice of toast with a thin layer of peanut butter on it every morning for breakfastthat you can lose more weight than if you had something else for breakfast? Or do some people say that so you will eat breakfast?
Reply from DANIEL, Age 12 - 10/23/02  - IP#: 195.92.67.xxx
Reply from DANIEL, Age 12 - 10/23/02  - IP#: 195.92.67.xxx
Reply from Jennifer, Age 14 - 10/21/02  - IP#: 64.85.224.xxx

From Jamie, Age 13 - 10/20/02 - IP#: 205.188.209.xxx  Click here to reply  
would it be better to lose weight going by your total body fat percent that some scales will show or by your weight? I just wanna know cuz i wanna get a scale for my bathroom so i just want to pick the most helpful one. Thanks!

From manda jh, Age 14 - 10/20/02 - IP#: 205.188.209.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hey everyone! I've lost 18 3/4lbs ths week! So now I'm 148 3/4 lbs an 5'4". I'm excited. Sorry to Henry for not postingthis on thursday. I did however keep my promise and drink all that water and eat fruits for snacks. So I lost 2 1/4 lbs this week! How did you do? I hope you guys have as much luck as have had this past week. Much love~
Reply from Caroline, Age 13 - 10/25/02  - IP#: 68.52.209.xxx
Reply from henry, Age 13 - 10/20/02  - IP#: 65.235.56.xxx
Reply from Mel, Age 14 - 10/20/02  - IP#: 66.19.50.xxx
Reply from manda jh, Age 14 - 10/20/02  - IP#: 205.188.209.xxx

From April, Age 13 - 10/19/02 - IP#: 205.188.209.xxx  Click here to reply  
Okay i'm on a diet and it's going great!! I've already lost two pounds. but i'm only 13 so i still go trick-or-treating on Halloween. what do i do with all of the candy so that it doesn't tempt me to eat unhealthy food and mess up my diet?? if you know any thing just please reply to this!!!!
Reply from DNAIEL, Age 12 - 10/23/02  - IP#: 195.92.67.xxx
Reply from LINDSEY, Age 13 - 10/22/02  - IP#: 198.81.26.xxx
Reply from Grace, Age 13 - 10/20/02  - IP#: 66.31.85.xxx

From amber, Age 13 - 10/19/02 - IP#: 63.113.39.xxx  Click here to reply  
i need help i wont ever get the scale im scared so i know im fat what do i do??
Reply from Kevin, Age 16 - 10/23/02  - IP#: 205.188.209.xxx
Reply from Grace, Age 13 - 10/20/02  - IP#: 66.31.85.xxx

From Jennifer, Age 14 - 10/19/02 - IP#: 64.85.224.xxx  Click here to reply  
hey im 14 f i'm 5'3'' and 150 lbs. I really want to be 125 lbs and be like a size 5 or 7, im an 11, occasionally a 9. I'm not sure what i should do to lose weight. Could anyone help with some comments or anything! email at babychick88@ca.astound.net
Reply from jennifer, Age 14 - 10/22/02  - IP#: 64.85.224.xxx
Reply from Rockeraby - 10/20/02  - IP#: 65.163.106.xxx

From Melissa, Age 15 - 10/19/02 - IP#: 32.101.225.xxx  Click here to reply  
Help, I have gined 10 pounds and i need to lose 50 so can some one plzs help me you can email me at missy74038@yahoo.com or post it.
Reply from kristin, Age 14 - 10/27/02  - IP#: 68.64.71.xxx

From cathy, Age 15 - 10/19/02 - IP#: 216.244.30.xxx  Click here to reply  
TELL ME HOW TO LOSE 10 TO 15 POUNDS ASAP, i want to become a vegatarion any suggestions plz plz reply nobody replys to me!
Reply from Brit, Age 17 - 10/24/02  - IP#: 65.238.146.xxx

From Katie, Age 15 - 10/19/02 - IP#: 195.93.32.xxx  Click here to reply  
hiya ppl i just like 2 say diets do work on tuesday i had toast 4 breakfast sandwich 4 lunch rice en chicken 4 dinner wednesday same but chicken and potatoes and veg thursday i slipped a bit and had 2 bags of crisps and 2 lil bars choclate and friday i had nbiscuits brealfast bad i no and 2 bags of crips and chocolate. on tuesday i went 4 25 min wlk and same on wednesday and i did 100 press ups and sit up on tuesday. but gues what i lost 4 pounds in 4 days not bad huh.
Reply from Kevin, Age 16 - 10/24/02  - IP#: 152.163.189.xxx
Reply from andrea, Age 16 - 10/20/02  - IP#: 62.7.70.xxx

From Rianne, Age 14 - 10/18/02 - IP#: 202.156.2.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi, my name's Rianne and I'm from Singapore. I'm an Asian and I'm looking for a nice diet partner =) Anyone interested please email me at caesium17@hotmail.com
i hope everyone's diet is goin well... thank you...

From Anna M., Age 14 - 10/17/02 - IP#: 68.11.128.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hey...i just wana offer anyone advice who wants to read it. If you are overweight dont start doing crunches and muscle excercises. You have to loose the fat before you try to make ur muscle show. If you are overwieght and you do crunches ir probley isnt working because you have to burn off all the fat(cardio) before you start situps and push ups. I personally recommend tia-boe (spell?) its a really fun way to burn fat.
Reply from Kevin, Age 16 - 10/23/02  - IP#: 205.188.209.xxx
Reply from Jay, Age 13 - 10/18/02  - IP#: 152.163.188.xxx
Reply from rianne, Age 14 - 10/18/02  - IP#: 202.156.2.xxx

From Alex, Age 14 - 10/17/02 - IP#: 206.222.81.xxx  Click here to reply  
I gained 4 pounds back! I need help to lose weight! I hate my body!
Reply from kristin, Age 14 - 10/26/02  - IP#: 68.64.71.xxx

From Lindsey, Age 13 - 10/17/02 - IP#: 198.81.27.xxx  Click here to reply  
I really need help. I eat healthy for breakfast and lunch but i pig out after dinner and school. I never get off my lazy butt to excercise either. If you have any suggestions email me at Lindyhope@aol.com
Reply from Kevin, Age 16 - 10/24/02  - IP#: 152.163.189.xxx
Reply from Kate, Age 15 - 10/18/02  - IP#: 203.9.148.xxx

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