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From Zainab, Age 17 - 03/02/11 - IP#: 80.227.103.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'3", Start: 210 lb, Today: 210 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 160 lb - Typical. Know everything there is to losing weight, yet I don't have the belief in my head that I can actually accomplish it. How sad ain't it?
I don't know how to rise above this..

From kate, Age 11 - 03/02/11 - IP#: 99.240.64.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'1", Start: 162 lb, Today: 152 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 140 lb - hello everyone i am new and i am sick today ann reeally sad because yesterday my unclle was joking and he said i aam fat and eat alot and that hurtmy feelingss. everyone is at a healthy weight and tall in my family except me i want to lose weight so my family could be proud of me. please help. i feel so tired if i just walk up 1 stairs and get out of breath i. plasebgive me tipss on becoming healthy.
Reply from Katie, Age 21 - 03/07/11  - IP#: 128.193.8.xxx

From hii, Age 14 - 03/01/11 - IP#: 98.207.208.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'11", Start: 183.4 lb, Today: 183.7 lb (BMI %tile: 91), Goal: 170 lb - idk whats going on.
last time i weighed in i was like 1 lb thinner n that was a month ago. i exercised a lot the past 1-2 wks but im having a lotta trouble w the food. idk i have such a weakness for food, n im just rlyy scared that because of that i'll never get to lose that weight!!!!!!!!

From holly, Age 10 - 02/24/11 - IP#: 2.102.53.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 4'6", Start: 21 st 6, Today: 17 st 1 (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 7 st 7 - i am a ten and am obese.i come from a slim family so when we have photos i look very big.i cant buy clouse from places like new look or topshop i have to get them made i cant run fast and i get picked on.i just dont have the will power too lose wieght.we get lesson on your health and we have our bmi took .then split up to groups.i am all ways having too go to the nuse and they give a long talk.they send a note home saying that your child is very overwieght but i keep them hidden.i feel like i am a child who wants to jump about but is coverd in fat.i am on blubber buters chat.i am under holly 10.please leave me a mesage if you r obese or have lost wieght i would do anything to shop at new look.  (Note: 17 st 1 is 239 lb.)
Reply from Kitty, Age 12 - 03/01/11  - IP#: 124.186.87.xxx
Reply from Kamille, Age 13 - 02/27/11  - IP#: 76.127.101.xxx

From Lisa, Age 13 - 02/24/11 - IP#: 64.12.116.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'0", Start: 151 lb, Today: 145 lb (BMI %tile: 97), Goal: 100 lb - Hey there. I need help on losing some weight. I need to lose 45 pounds before summer starts. Any diets or exercise routines that may help or any encouragement would really help. My school serves ice cream, slushies, PB&J sandwiches, and soft pretzels everyday. It's kind of tempting not to eat some ice cream every now and then. Any advice?
Reply from Maddi, Age 13 - 03/01/11  - IP#: 98.235.45.xxx
Reply from Emily, Age 13 - 02/27/11  - IP#: 66.177.52.xxx
Reply from Kamm, Age 11 - 02/25/11  - IP#: 173.180.38.xxx
Reply from Lia, Age 14 - 02/25/11  - IP#: 98.118.124.xxx

From Ana, Age 13 - 02/23/11 - IP#: 74.197.161.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'3", Start: 190 lb, Today: 180 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 100 lb - Hi :) My name is Ana. I'm fat. Really fat :( I NEED to lose weight....I hate me, my body, and my fat. 180 is just fat. I want to reach my goal weight!!!!!! How many calories does everyoine else consume and still lose weight? I'm starving and I had 5 cookies for lunch. IM SO FAT :((((
Reply from Maddi, Age 13 - 03/01/11  - IP#: 98.235.45.xxx
Reply from Lia, Age 14 - 02/25/11  - IP#: 98.118.124.xxx
Reply from Phil, Age 16 - 02/23/11  - IP#: 24.254.233.xxx

From Hali, Age 17 - 02/22/11 - IP#: 174.252.224.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'4", Start: 205 lb, Today: 205 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 160 lb - Hey I'm hali. I have posted on here before but its been a while. I am currently 205 lbs though I don't look it. I do have quite a stomach and thunder thighs. I recently went to the OBGYN and she told me that if I don't lose weight I'm going to get diabetes and probably won't be able to have kids. So I have decicded to take control starting with this.
I am currently 205 lbs
I want to be around 180 by graduation in june then eventually in the 160s before I start college.
I am going to do weigh ins on Tuesday mornings.
Ill try to keep things posted!
Reply from Nicole, Age 18 - 02/24/11  - IP#: 98.195.142.xxx

From Destiny, Age 17 - 02/21/11 - IP#: 173.54.212.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 4'10", Start: 200 lb, Today: 200 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 100 lb - Hi! I have done this so many times over the years but this time I am actually excited about losing weight!?! I don't really know why I am this time around... I guess its because I'm starting college real soon and I want to go in looking new... I think another part to is it because... The worlds different when you on the other side of the wall... I want to be on that side. Not being ashamed of who I am and how I look... I want to be happy with how I look... So I need to become healthy... My family say they don't care how I look and they love me but its hard going through life when ALL of my friends are skinny twigs and running pass me in life... I want to become healthy so I can at least keep up with them... So here goes Day number 1. Email me if you need a buddy like I do... Booksaremylove@gmail.com
Reply from Megan, Age 17 - 02/23/11  - IP#: 207.203.158.xxx

From Jill, Age 18 - 02/21/11 - IP#: 24.121.164.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'4", Start: 281 lb, Today: 275 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 125 lb - Whoa whoa whoa, this is the first time I've ever posted in the 18+ board. I just turned 18 on the 12th so... here I am. I thought it would be interesting to post here instead of the teens board. I haven't really been to this site in awhile and I have not been eating healthy at all lately or exercising. But I did just have a really good workout... I'm hoping to get back on track with eating well and exercising consistently. Let's hope I can do it. I'm sick of being obese. Good luck everyone! (:
Reply from Kayla, Age 20 - 02/21/11  - IP#: 75.42.94.xxx

From sevon, Age 14 - 02/20/11 - IP#: 66.74.71.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'7", Start: 220 lb, Today: 124 lb (BMI %tile: 47) - I used to be overweight all my life.i felt insecure,sad,and alone.it felt like no one knew how much pain i was in.i couldnt even eat with out feeling uncomfertable.I couldnt even go to the mall and pick out cute clothes because i outfitted all of the sizes.I was afraid of health issues such as type 2 diabetes.I knew my life was on the line.At that time i knew there had to be something done.So the next day i told my mom to take me to the gym to get a member ship.I went to the gym 4 times a week 2 hours a day.I lost 3-8 pounds a week.I felt the affect shortly after a month i lost a wopping 28 pounds!!! I couls actualy start to run a little faster. I ate 4 times a day for breakfeast i had low fat milk ,kashi creal and water.lunch i had a weat sandwich with white turky meat and lettuse with tomato / goldfish snacks.Dinner i had usualy low fat soup. In no time a... (view more)

From Elisea, Age 18 - 02/20/11 - IP#: 216.227.51.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'3", Start: 200 lb, Today: 200 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 130 lb - Hello. I used to come to this website when I was younger and today I was filling really discouraged so I decided to look it up again. My mom and my sister are both tall and skinny and they both have been pressuring me to losse weight ans I want to do it myself so I can be healthy. Their so called support is not helping. Im going off to college in about six months and I hoping to reach my goal. I would just like some help from those who know what how I fill. Please everyone fill free to leave me advice on how to reach my goal. Thanks.
Reply from Ally13, Age 23 - 02/22/11  - IP#: 74.92.246.xxx
Reply from Lizz, Age 21 - 02/21/11  - IP#: 113.199.117.xxx

From Meg, Age 16 - 02/16/11 - IP#: 184.15.28.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'6", Start: 255 lb, Today: 255 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 130 lb - I'm SO sick of being so fat. I hate looking at myself in the mirror, and I hate seeing the stretch marks on my stomach. I hate when people touch me because they are just touching fat. I want to be able to shop where everyone else shops and hang out with them and never have to worry. I need some help. I would absolutely LOVE to have someone I can keep in touch with girl or guy, but that is my age to help me out and help me feel better about myself, but also back me up and support me. I'm using an app on my iPhone called my personal fitness. I track all of my foods on there, I'm putting myself on a 1200 calorie a day diet. I'm doing it that low because I can't really work out right now. I tore my ACL, MCL, and Meniscus about a week ago. Now I am in Physical therapy and having surgery soon. I REFUSE to gain weight while I'm not on my feet. More than anything, I want to feel beautiful. I want guys to see me and think I'm pretty. But I want to feel beautiful for me. Please help guys </3
Reply from Phil, Age 16 - 02/22/11  - IP#: 24.254.233.xxx
Reply from Nicole, Age 18 - 02/17/11  - IP#: 98.195.142.xxx
Reply from Megan, Age 17 - 02/17/11  - IP#: 166.137.15.xxx
Reply from Kamille, Age 13 - 02/16/11  - IP#: 76.127.101.xxx

From Bridget, Age 19 - 02/16/11 - IP#: 69.120.33.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'7", Start: 202 lb, Today: 197 lb (BMI %tile: 95), Goal: 130 lb - I used to come on this site when I was about 14, and just rediscovered it today. I've recently become terribly ashamed over my weight, as I just stepped over the 200 lbs mark about a month ago. I've been overweight for the majority of my life, and I feel like it just holds me back immensely. I'm ready to finally get control over my life, and lose about 70 lbs to do so. I am 19 now, technically an adult, so I feel like it is time to become the person I want to be, and that starts with losing weight and gaining confidence.

From Ally13, Age 23 - 02/16/11 - IP#: 74.92.246.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'1", Start: 204 lb, Today: 127.6 lb (BMI: 24), Goal: 115 lb - This was what I weighed this morning =(. It's such a shame when I've been steadily losing to start going back up again. Totally my fault though - my exercise regimen is non-existent and I've been eating what I want, when I want (which is a recipe for disaster, lol).
The upside to having to lose these pounds again is that it's hit me more than it ever has that this is a lifetime lifestyle I need to maintain. I can't just get down near my goal weight and suddenly start eating Ben & Jerry's pints of ice cream or having that extra helping at dinner, etc. and expect to stay slim.
I've re-prioritized and I'm going to start incorporating more of my previous methods back into daily life - mainly portion control, exercise and water intake.
It's nice to see everyone on here refusing to give up when a bad day/week comes your way. Makes me feel like I can be that strong too =).
Reply from Emily, Age 20 - 02/16/11  - IP#: 71.225.181.xxx

From Kayla, Age 20 - 02/15/11 - IP#: 75.42.79.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'4", Start: 248.5 lb, Today: 229 lb (BMI: 39), Goal: 170 lb - As I am reading through I noticed I am not the only one struggling lately! It has been really hard to get up to exercise and eat only until full for about the last week. I need to get a fire under my butt again to get moving. I am really getting angry with myself for not doing/working as hard as I should/can. Well as I get myself going again, I want to wish everyone luck on getting back on track and congrats to those who are still going strong :)
Reply from Lizz, Age 21 - 02/19/11  - IP#: 113.199.117.xxx

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