Online Weight Loss System for Teens and Tweens

  • Allows providers to set up an instant weight loss program for their practice or hospital, or greatly enhance an existing program

  • Providers can conduct their weight loss program automatically, with minimal time required - monitor and manage their clients online with an easy-to-use system

  • Secure, personal weight loss charts, with goal setting for their clients

  • Extensive online support community of thousands of overweight children and teens

  • Healthy eating and weight loss online education

  • Electronic accountability via Internet-connected digital scales

  • For private practitioners, clinics, schools, and health clubs

  • Free trials available

The Weigh2Rock system allows online self-monitoring and manage- 
 ment of weight by children and teenagers, with online background
 guidance/support from their healthcare provider or mentor.         

 What Children Learn
An online "school" teaches a child or teen why they become overweight, what are the health risks, and what are the steps needed to attain a healthy weight. Tips to avoid unhealthy eating, sedentary behavior, and emotional eating are also provided.

 Automated Self-Care (eCare)
A secure “eCare Area” allows self-monitoring and management of a child's weight, with provider/mentor guidance. Children set their goal weights and weight loss rate per week, in conjunction with provider/mentor input. A software "robot" provides interactive feedback to the children on their progress. An online community of several thousand overweight children and adolescents provides social interaction and peer support by means of bulletin boards, chat rooms, a community "weigh-in page", and online “weight-loss buddies”.

  Minimal Provider/Mentor Time Required
Healthcare providers, PE teachers, personal trainers, counselors, and other mentors may follow and interactively support their overweight children online via the secure eCare Area and a personal "eRoom" for each child. Optional pre-designed message templates and online management tools greatly leverage provider/mentor time, so that only a few minutes per week per child are actually required from the provider/mentor.  Digital photographs of the child and the provider/mentor can personalize the interactions, if desired.

 Electronic Accountability
A child may use a specially designed digital scale, called an "eScale" (wireless model shown at left, cabled version lower right), which connects to a computer in a school, clinic, or community center, or to the child's home computer. The eScale automatically sends the child's weight and comments to his/her individual online weight chart. (The advantage of the eScale is that it renders the child "electronically accountable", in that the weight value cannot be erroneously entered or changed).  The weight chart results may be viewed at anytime (via password) by the child/parents or by the child's healthcare provider/mentor. The provider/mentor may post support messages in the child’s secure “eRoom”.

 How does the Weigh2Rock System work?

1) A healthcare practitioner, clinic, school, or health club may request use of the Weigh2Rock system by their overweight children and adolescents.  Free group trials and block subscriptions are available.

2) A private group is set up on the Weigh2Rock site for the practitioner, clinic, school, etc.  That group's providers/mentors may then register.  Next, that group's participating children and teens sign up under the group name, and select their provider/mentor from the list.

3) Healthy weight education is provided on the Weigh2Rock site. The Weigh2Rock program uses a “cognitive behavioral” approach. Kids learn the causes of overweight, associated health problems, motivational techniques, and the steps to attain a healthy weight.  The Weigh2Rock system does not prescribe a particular diet or exercise regimen, and the provider/mentor remains in charge of the patient/client. The Weigh2Rock program serves as an enhancement to a provider/mentor's weight loss regimen.

4) Wireless or cabled eScales are interfaced to computers in the clinic, school, or community center, or to home computers.  The eScale software is web-based, so that no installation disks are required.  Seven (7) day a week technical assistance is available.

5) Participants receive online support from the thousands of overweight kids who use the system.

6) A group's real time data and statistics are available (via password) in Excel spread sheet format, suitable for research studies.

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