What is your opinion of the Say Good-By to Your Problem Foods tip?

Age 13,5'6,181 lbs,I like this tip - cool

Age 15,female,4'10,119 lbs,I like this tip - i think this a little helpful but ill try this one

Age 10,female,4'8,220 lbs,I like this tip - THANK YOU

Age 13,female,5'4,160 lbs,I like this tip - I'm ready to be able to lose weight and not lie to my friends anymore about how much I weight it's something I've been wanting to do for awhile now. I want to lose at least 40 lbs but 30 is okay too

Age 14,5"3,153 lbs,I like this tip - I hope this helps me

Age 14,female,4'11,116 lbs,I like this tip - This information was really helpful

I have no opinion - thank you for share!

Age 10,female,49,123 lbs,I like this tip - I read it but it doesn't help me

Age 12,female,5'3,117 lbs,I have no opinion - Thanks

Age 14,female,52,98 lbs,I have no opinion - I don't think this really tells you how to deal with eating problems and how to conquer your sweet tooth. It might help you become more aware of the situation and come to terms with what you want to change, but does not give tips on how to change your lifestyle.

Age 13,female,4"11,175 lbs,I like this tip - This was very helpful. Even though I am not teased for my weight directly I feel overpowered by my weight

Age 17,female,5'1,219 lbs,I have no opinion - good

Age 12,female,5,78 lbs,I don't like this tip - This would be interesting for someone with eating disorders, but all i want to know is if I'm underweight!

Age 13,female,5'3,112 lbs,I like this tip - maybe show how to actually eat healthier instead of how to get on the track of healthy eating

Age 13,female,53,114 lbs,I like this tip - maybe show how to actually eat healthier instead of how to get on the track of healthy eating

Age 13,female,4"12,145 lbs,I like this tip - it sounds like a really good start to do :)

Age 14,female,5'5,210 lbs,I like this tip - I love this tip. Thanks !

Age 11,male,5'1'',150 lbs,I like this tip - Really helpful. Thanks!

Age 13,female,5'3,140 lbs,I like this tip - i think this is going to work for me.thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Age 12,female,156,60 kgs,I have no opinion - I need to know what foods to eat and what sport can help me lose weight faster

Age 12,female,5'1,215 lbs,I like this tip - I think this will help me. Thank you so much!!!

I like this tip - Thanks great advice

Age 13,female,5'2,165 lbs,I like this tip - ill try it .

Age 13,female,5'75,268,I like this tip - everything in mys's letter will help me because when i see food i eat it and dont even think about if im hungry or not i just shove it in my mouth ... and me and my mom was suppose to go to sportsplex gym but she hurt her akelis tendon on her foot so now i havnt been to the gym . but she works at a hotel and i just got done exercising for about 50 minutes and it made me feel good about my self . i kept telling my self i gotta do i gotta do it and it has helped and i feel so proud of myself and im am going to try to exercise again tonight . and i will remember (dont cave into cravings) im gonna go get a banna bye !

Age 15,female,54,78 kgs,I like this tip - this helps

Age 12,,I like this tip - great idea

Age 35,female,5'8",165 lbs,I like this tip - Wonderful!

Age 11,female,4'11,127 lbs,I like this tip - I love this

Age 10,female,4'8,116 lbs,I like this tip - i luv dis tip

Age 10,female,4'7,116 lbs,I like this tip - perfect and helpful

Age 13,female,5'4,221 lbs,I like this tip - Helpful and a creative idea!

Age 16,female,5'2,120 lbs,I like this tip - This is a good tip :D

Age 20,female,5'4'',180 lbs,I like this tip - Great Start to a new beginning. I have used this technique in many other situations!

I like this tip - luv this thank you for your help i am writing a letter now

Age 18,5'2",202 lbs,I like this tip - This has been the best help so far. Thank you

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