From Madonna, Age 14 - 06/01/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hello eveybody,i really really need help to lose 60-90 pounds in a month because i'm sick and tierd of being fat and i been trying to lose wieght ever since and nothing seems to work and right now i'm losing hope that im never going to lose wieght or be skinny in the future me being overwieght has afficted my self-esteem and eveything.I'm trying to lose because i want my self to feel better thats the main reason and i wan't to lose wieght because i want to be able to wear whatever i want,because me being fat i can't wear clothes that young teens my age wears and i feel left out and i want to end this by taking diet pills and i want your opion if its right for me to do it and also if you know a diet pills that you would want to recommend to me tell me please thank a lot.
Reply from jammie, Age 14 - 12/29/04  - IP#:
Hi i know how you feel..Im not over a normal size but i would like to be skinny but i dont belive i can do it every time i say im going to i dont and ill start 4 a couple of days but then ill brake my diet and all that i was skinny and then my parents made me move and i got depresed and all i did was eat i gained 6 lbs in 5 months thats bad so im not sure what to do i dont care what people think and i think no one should i want to do this 4 me and what i think people should do if they put there minned to something stick with it but its eeasyer said then done i know so if ne one has ne advice 4 me plz respond thank you
Reply from Praline, Age 15 - 06/02/03  - IP#:
Also, no diet pills! Most of them mess up your metabolism and will leave you bigger and screwed up in the end!
Reply from Praline, Age 15 - 06/02/03  - IP#:
You really cannot lose that much in a month, even if you starve yourself, but if you begin to change your lifestyle now you begin to feel the results almost immeidietley. Eat right and well and excercize as much as you can. You have more energy and once you are on the right path you will feel good about yourself before you even lose the weight! see how much you lose in a month by doing this. I know it feels hard when other girls judge you, but know this: confidence is your weapon against them. YOU know what's important. Most of those girls are floundering right now, all they seek out of life is shallow popularity that will leave them empty in the end. Know your worth, and feel lucky, Madonna!
Reply from narisa, Age 18 - 06/02/03  - IP#:
well first of all, its impossible to lose 60-90lbs in a month if u want to keep it off! try not to have such high goals for such a short amount of time. say to yourself that im going to lose 10 pounds in one month. That way you dont make goals that are unreachable and u wont become depressed if u dont achieve them. I lost about 40 pounds and it wasnt easy. what i did was i cut out all the candies, sodas, junk food and everything fatty. if you want to lose the weight u have to do it. so this is wat you should do. for breakfast, eat an omlette with egg whites only, maybe 4 eggs with one yoke or something. eat a slice of bread with no butter, maybe a lil sugar free or fat free jelly, and a peice of fruit, then for lunch eat a sandwhich with no cheese or mayo. and eat a turkey or chicken sandwhich. with no mayo, unless you want to buy fat free mayo then thats cool. and then maybe eat a small bag of baked chips and drink lots of water!! water is the most essential thing. you should try to drink an ounce of water for every pound you weigh a day. it was hard for me at first because i didnt like water very much but now you never see me without a water bottle! the more water you drink the more weight ull lose. at first it will be hard to drink so much water because u have to go to the bathroom a lot but thats good because that means your bodies releasing all the water it was storing. then for dinner, eat like 6 ounces of grilled chicken and steamed vegitables. eat a salad with vinegar instead of dressing, dressing is extremely fattening. and MOST IMPORTANT make sure you eat before 7 because when u go to sleep, u should fall asleep with ur tummy growling because while u sleep, your body looks for food to eat, and when your body doesnt find food it attacks ur fat. so make sure u eat 3-4 hours before sleeping so that ur food has time to digest. i know it may seem silly but its true, i have a personal trainer now and he tells me all these things. try not to eat any carbs during dinner, like breads, pasta, rice things like that. the main secret to losing weight is controlling what you so that you eat fewer calories then you burn, if u follow this to the point i promise ull lose at least 10 lbs the first month, then 10lbs the next and then by the time summer is over youll have lost about 30 lbs at the least!! good luck, and if u need more advice email me at, bye!