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From Madonna, Age 14

hello eveybody,i really really need help to lose 60-90 pounds in a month because i'm sick and tierd of being fat and i been trying to lose wieght ever since and nothing seems to work and right now i'm losing hope that im never going to lose wieght or be skinny in the future me being overwieght has afficted my self-esteem and eveything.I'm trying to lose because i want my self to feel better thats the main reason and i wan't to lose wieght because i want to be able to wear whatever i want,because me being fat i can't wear clothes that young teens my age wears and i feel left out and i want to end this by taking diet pills and i want your opion if its right for me to do it and also if you know a diet pills that you would want to recommend to me tell me please thank a lot.