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Hello. My name is Corinne. My child, who we'll call jack, used to be on the brink of underweight. In the past three months he has put on about 20 pounds. Keep in mind he's four foot eight, and his father and I were only four foot three. He's been growing consistently, maybe an inch every month since the start of puberty 9 ish months ago. I haven't spoken to him about his recent rapid weight gain, but I did notice he was eating a lot more. Should I be concerned? He was 77 a month ago, but is now 98, putting him in the overweight category. He's stayed this way since last week, ant hasn't grown but the regular 3.5 or so inches, and went from a size 8 to a 12 husky. He's also been a lot more sedentary, as he won a new console right before school's last shutdown.
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Yes, but he gets laughed at and can barely run. he is still gaining weight, just not as fast it seems.
Reply from Seongwha, Child's Age 18 - 01/11/21  - IP#:
This is hard to address. Clearly, you love your son and want to see him happy. Do you think he will be as happy if this continues and his breathing gets worse, possibly develop diabetes, have joint problems, and get to the point where his weight makes it physically impossible or painful to do certain things? From what I can tell, he's just gaining weight too fast and that's not good. Yes, he should be growing and some fat is fine, but there is thing as too much. You said you sign him up for soccer? is he still doing that?
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seongwah, exactly.
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Hi Corinne, I was reading over your comments with aneesha. I agree that you should accept your son how he is but weight is not just issue about appearance. It is important to think about how it will affect his health. It could not be issue now and that's fine, but childhood obesity lead to adult obesity most of the time. My son is starting to lose weight now, but he is only 18 and highest weight was 324. He has been hospitilized for asthma and his cholesterol and blood pressure got worser in his teens. Just make sure it doesn't get to point where it does impact their health because it can happen more quicker than you think.
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Aneesha, your husband is right. no matter the size, our children should be loved and accepted. If it doesn't bother them, it shouldn't bother you. and I don't think I'd be worried if I were in your situation. just love them and support them no matter how big they get, unless it becomes too much of a problem. my son, as big as his belly is, is my son. And the only thing that's changed about him for me, is that he's happier, and is comfortable with his new self. Besides, the bigger the belly, the better the hugs XD.
Reply from Aneesha, Child's Age 10 - 01/08/21  - IP#:
Well, Corinne, I’m so bothered by this. When I measured my
babies’ height this morning they had just washed and were wearing their sweatpants. They’ve gone thru so many sizes of pajamas I bought them sweatpants to wear, men’s size XL. They wear men’s size XL undershorts and they’re not even 11 yet. While I got their height, they were standing there with their big bellies sticking out hanging over the waistbands of the sweatpants with rolls of fat on their sides. They’re not self conscious at all. That’s what has me concerned. I don’t want to see them on “My 600 Lb Life” one day. My husband says I worry too much and as long as they’re happy and healthy, I should let it drop. I can see they’re happy, so I guess I can live with having overweight sons, like you.
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... and that your boys aren't either.
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... I just feel bad because if i were in that position, and was that chunky I know I'd be very self conscious. I'm just glad he no longer is.
Reply from Corinne, Child's Age 13 - 01/08/21  - IP#:
Aneesha, thank you. Its very tough seeing our boys become unrecognizably large. My son doesn't see to mind it anymore though, luckily. He's going back to school and he comes back everyday with a smile on his face, even though he outgrew his uniform last week and fills it out more and more daily. I guess it is growing on me, though. I think he's a lot cuter than he was because of how frail he was, and I think he feels the same way because he used to be more self conscious of himself before he got fat. His pediatrician said it's because he's growing, and as long as it'll spread out as he gets taller, that's fine. It's adulthood when obesity is dangerous, anyways so I'd be content even if he was to put on more weight. Same as you should be, though. Your boys will be fine and so what if they're a little bigger.
Reply from Aneesha, Child's Age 10 - 01/08/21  - IP#:
Corinne, I just read your posts about your son and I totally understand how you feel. When I see how my two babies have changed in less than a year I’m devastated too. The only difference is that my boys don’t seem to be bothered by how fat they are now.
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Update, he is still 4'7 but now 111 pounds.
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Jesse: My husband and I are both normal weight. I haven't said anything to my son but it seems he is getting bigger by the day. I called his pediatrician, but she said it may be from quarantine and inactivity. I signed him up for soccer. hopefully that well help. best wishes to you, too.
Reply from Jesse, Child's Age 12 - 01/05/21  - IP#:
I know it's frustrating, Corinne You are doing the right thing by supporting your son and not criticizing him
 I want through a similar thing as your son when I was 12/13. I suddenly got fat (65 pounds in a year), and my mother fst-shamed me unmercifully.  It was awful because all I knew was that I was hungry all the time. My mother mocked the size of my belly, chest and rear end  but I couldn't it help where I gained the weight. It soured my relationship with my mother and I never lost any weight and was 300 lbs by the time I graduated from H.S. So, please, boys are very sensitive about their appearance at this age so please say nothing he'll take the wrong way.
Is your husband overweight? Does he have anything to day about your son's weight?
Your pediatrician should be able to tell you how long this growth spurt should last and give your son some confidence. Good luck to you all.
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Jesse: I;m glad you can agree. I wouldnt be concerned, but he gained 6 pounds since I last posted, and looks even bigger. I'm sorry to vent, but i'm devastated. I mean, he's almost unrecognizable. he used to be such a skinny kid but now he's huge. He's needed a whole new wardrobe, and gets winded very easily i took him to the mall yesterday and he couldn't walk for more than a minute or two without getting winded, and when he had by chance seen an old friend there, he hid behind me as if he was embarrased. I doubt he'd be noticed due to him looking like a totally different boy, but I just feel so bad for him. He seems very uncomfortable. I want to help him but i dont know what to say.
Reply from Jesse, Child's Age 12 - 01/01/21  - IP#:
I agree with you Corinna, there's nothing wrong with a kid being chubby at his age. Boys grow fast during puberty. No reason for him to be embarrassed about needing bigger size clothes. Just tell him it's part of growing up. Main thing is that is that he's healthy.
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Jesse, He seemed very embarrassed when he first showed me that he could no longer squeeze into his pants, and was very upset when he learned he would have to wear husky sizes. I guess he's fine with it now, though. It's been a month (I accidentally said week) and he's lost about 2 lbs, but he does still look very chubby and I'm thinking of buying him new shirts as his belly has gotten a bit bigger, and shirt are very tight despite the loss. I was going to call his doctor, but as long as he can get down to a normal weight i'll be fine, and besides, there's nothing wrong with a kid who's a bit chubby as long as they're eating healthy, and not obese.
Reply from Jesse, Child's Age 12 - 12/23/20  - IP#:
Have you spoken to your son's pediatrician? Sounds like his weight gain may be related to puberty and then inactivity and overeating from boredom due to the covid lockdown. Does your son look overweight or chubby? Has he said anything about now having to the "husky" sizes?