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From Corinne, child's age 13

Hello. My name is Corinne. My child, who we'll call jack, used to be on the brink of underweight. In the past three months he has put on about 20 pounds. Keep in mind he's four foot eight, and his father and I were only four foot three. He's been growing consistently, maybe an inch every month since the start of puberty 9 ish months ago. I haven't spoken to him about his recent rapid weight gain, but I did notice he was eating a lot more. Should I be concerned? He was 77 a month ago, but is now 98, putting him in the overweight category. He's stayed this way since last week, ant hasn't grown but the regular 3.5 or so inches, and went from a size 8 to a 12 husky. He's also been a lot more sedentary, as he won a new console right before school's last shutdown.