From Dave, Child's Age 16 - 08/03/19 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I need help. My son has gotten way too big recently. His mom passed away when he was younger and since then hes...filled out. Hes now 16 and almost 300 lbs and I dont know what to do. He eats and eats and eats, gets seconds at dinner, buys snacks after school. Hes hidden food from me before and he refuses to exercise. I try to get him to go for a jog, but he just wants to stay inside and play video games. I'm worried about what will happen if he gets any bigger. I have to buy him new clothes because he gets too fat for his old ones but still wears them around the house, so I have to see his buttcrack and fat belly every morning. He gets puffed after walking up and stairs and I think hes starting to waddle. He doesn't listen to me no matter how many times I try to restrict his food. He also has a job at pizza hut and I think that's contributing to it, as I find empty pizza boxes in his car and recycling bin constantly. I just want him to be healthy and not so big but he seems to be on the fast track to obesity.
Reply from Dave, Child's Age 15 - 08/06/19  - IP#:
My 15 year old is 5'9 and around 270 lbs, the 17 year old 6'2 and around 300. Pretty much the same. The oldest one works at Burger King and gained quite some weight after that. I try to motivate to exercise, but it does not work very well. But, they are good kids anyway!
Reply from Dave, Child's Age 16 - 08/05/19  - IP#:
Felix, yes he gained more weight after working. I thought being on his feet all day would shed some lbs, but he just got bigger. Now he has a couple chins, chubby cheeks, mantits, a big blubbery belly that hange and a large rear end.
Reply from Felix, Child's Age 16 - 08/05/19  - IP#:
Hi Dave, I'm in the same predicament as you. My son Jason is a bit smaller than him, about 5'9 and 270-275 pounds. I don't live at home with Jason and his mother, but either I come home or he comes to visit me every 2 or so weeks. I swear every time I see him he's gotten larger. Jason works at a fast food place after school and I know he's eating there... my wife also is not cooking home cooked meals at home, lots of TV dinners it seems. I try to get Jason to exercise, but he refuses to do it by himself or join me. I'm getting really concerned.
Dave, have you noticed a sizable weight gain after your son started working at Pizza Hut?
The other dave (with 2 sons haha!) - How large are your sons and how are they/you coping with weight?
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Another Dave here! Sounds a lot like my sons too - and you can't control much what a teenager eats. My sons, 15 and 17 now, have always been chubby, but lately have gained quite some weight. Lots of earing out and more financially independent due to side jobs..
Reply from Dave, Child's Age 16 - 08/03/19  - IP#:
Sarah, he is 5'10" and he watches tv replays video games.
Tom, he does similar albeit younger and heavier. Is he getting teased? Have you talked to him about his weight problem?
Reply from Tom, Child's Age 14 - 08/04/19  - IP#:
Your son sounds very similar to mine, I had to raise him alone as well since he was young, and yes, that also was part of why he got so big. Controlling what he eats is pretty much impossible, he has a side job at a Callcenter in his case, and with that and school he eats a lot when he's not at home. And then at home he is pretty much an eating machine at meals and eats so many snacks. he has a rather prominent waddle, and clothes are becoming a huge problem.
And how out of breath he gets is starting to get really concerning, he gets so put of breath for just the short walks he does, like to the dinner table.
he's 14, and 379lbs...
Reply from Sarah, Child's Age 12 - 08/04/19  - IP#:
How tall is he? Does he do any sort of activity other than videogames?