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From Dave, child's age 16

I need help. My son has gotten way too big recently. His mom passed away when he was younger and since then hes...filled out. Hes now 16 and almost 300 lbs and I dont know what to do. He eats and eats and eats, gets seconds at dinner, buys snacks after school. Hes hidden food from me before and he refuses to exercise. I try to get him to go for a jog, but he just wants to stay inside and play video games. I'm worried about what will happen if he gets any bigger. I have to buy him new clothes because he gets too fat for his old ones but still wears them around the house, so I have to see his buttcrack and fat belly every morning. He gets puffed after walking up and stairs and I think hes starting to waddle. He doesn't listen to me no matter how many times I try to restrict his food. He also has a job at pizza hut and I think that's contributing to it, as I find empty pizza boxes in his car and recycling bin constantly. I just want him to be healthy and not so big but he seems to be on the fast track to obesity.