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My daughter Phoebe is 4ft 7" and her weight is literally off the charts. It can't be displayed on a bmi age percentile growth chart. The doctor says she is in the 100th percentile and has a bmi of 60. She weighs 258lbs. I believe this means she is morbidly obese. She weighs 100lb more than me and I am 4ft taller than her and have an on the cusp of obese with a bmi of 29.8. I don't want my daughter to die before I do.
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My daughter is going to tipping the scale a whopping 32stones and she been big all her life. She is 10 year old and 5.1, she is called Mari and my oldest daughter is 10stones she is 5.2 she is 18. She is obese, her fat belly can’t fit on a scale so she have to go to see a doctor to weight her. My doctor says that she looks like a fat pregnant girl but it just fat.
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My daughter Catherine is morbidly obese. She is 14 5.5 and weight 40 stones. I’m only 9 stones she is 31stones bigger than me. She have to go on a specialist doctor list because she is morbidly obese. It hard for her to put on seatbelt on, go through a door sideways because her hip is to be to go through the door and when I am on sideway my belly is nearly touching the wall. She have to now have a thick purple band around her belly and her belly is hanging out and flops down like she is 8 month pregnant.
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Reply from Catherine, Child's Age 13 - 12/16/17  - IP#:
I'm really sorry ma'am. Give your daughter all the support you can. I advise rigorous exercise every day as BMI 60 is too high according to me. Your daughter's BMI should decrease to minimum 25-26 as your daughter may grow again during puberty.
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I honk you mean your 4 inches taller than her becase for feet would make your almost 9ft