From Debra, Child's Age 11 - 01/03/15 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
My child is 196lbs and i am so worried she can't do any exercise because when she does a sit up so can't get back up as she can't hold her own weight and when she tries to do a press up her belly touches the floor and that's when her arms are fully extended well when she says they are but they aren't because she can't. She can't run as she gets out of breath even if she has been doing it for 20 secs!!
Reply from Debra, Child's Age 11 - 02/01/15  - IP#:
Thanks Helen that was a great idea just to let u know they put her kn the Cambridge plan and she has lost loads of weight I think it is about 2 st in a month thanks u changed her life and mine
Reply from Helen, Child's Age 11 - 01/05/15  - IP#:
I had the same problem with my older daughter and she had to go to the doctors and they put her a strick diet that didn't have any fattening or sugary stuff in so maybe go and see the GP