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My y9oungest son is 9 years old and weighs 146 lbs. he wears a size 34 waist men's shorts/pants and a M/L men's top. He's active but says he doesn't feel full when he eats. My son exhibits symptoms of ADHD and I have been doing research on both ADHD and childhood obesity. From what I have gathered so far, there is a connection between the two IF your child is NOT being treated for the ADHD. With my son being only 9 yrs old, I am more than a little hesitant to start him on a medication regimen. What if he needs medication? Ugh, I am at a loss and my wits end. I was recently diagnosed with ADHD about 8 months ago, am on medication, and have lost 52 pounds... but I'm also 38 yrs old. Not sure what to do! I'm so worried about him! It scares me because statistics show that most overweight 10 yr olds already have pre-symptoms/signs of having heart disease and their parents don't even know it! Diets don't work. Portions aren't working. He just eats and eats and gets upset because he can't get full. He's coming to the age where other kids will start being cruel. Any suggestions and/or advice would be more than appreciated. You can email me at I am praying constantly for his health, both physically and mentally =(
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also, forgot to add to my last post, ADD medications cause you to feel full a lot so you tend to lose weight. But one medication doesn't work for everyone. Concerta made me very depressed causing me to eat more so i gained but Concerta made my friend lose. so monitor your kids symptoms and moods if you put him on medication. Adderall seems to be the #1 ADD medicine out there at this moment.
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I am a teenager but i know about ADD/ADHD because i go for regular check ups, researched, and i am a sufferer of ADHD. I have been on Ritalin, Concerta, and currently on Adderall. First, don't fully blame it on ADHD, yes there is links but it's many other things than just ADHD. So the reason why they're finding a link is because ADD/ADHD brains are very underactive causing them to lack focus and appear unmotivated to do anything. Food stimulates the brain and people with untreated ADD begin to "self-medicate" themselves to stimulate their brain since it's so underactive (drugs, alcohol, getting into fights, and food). ADD/ADHD doesn't mean your child is a bad kid or doing it on purpose, it was just the way he was born. My advice to you is see a NEUROLOGIST (not the family doctor) about his ADD because they can get him medication to help him. Medication is the best thing you can give to your kid who suffers from ADD/ADHD and it is not addictive like what people try to say it is. I know this site isn't obviously for ADD/ADHD but there is a high link from ADD/ADHD to obesity like you said so you should definately get him checked by a Neurologist for it. hope this helps you and your son have a better understanding and helps you both find a solution!
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I hope this is not too late!
I am not a parent- so sorry!- but I am 10 years old and 64 pounds. when I was your sons age, I weighed
50-57 pounds. what I did was drink a LOT of water. It tricks your immune system into thinking you are full, so you don't eat any more! It worked for me, but everybody is different so you never know. Please try this and if it works please post on my message. Thanks!
( Tell your son not to give up, and talk to him about the teasing beforehand! Best Wishes!)
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My grandson is 9 yrs old and weighs 150lbs. Everytime I see him or he comes over, he just wants to watch tv. Or video games. We had him with us for one night and part of the next day. we live on the lake and while we took him swimming, hiking to the park, he ended up wanting to go back to moms house. He hid candy in his backpack....and tefuses to eat anything healthy. We r so concerned for his health, but the other grandparents let him eat anything, mom and dad do a lot of fast food, so I feel its a losing battle. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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I think your first step should be to consult a specialist in childhood ADD/ADHD as well as his pediatrician. You seem to have drawn a lot of inferences from your own condition and from "reasearch" you've done. Every case of ADD/ADHD is different; every young person who's pverweight is different. Believe me, kids can be very cruel at age 9---if your son isn't being teased now, it says something positive about his relationships with the other kids. (Maybe he's so self-confident that the mean kids don't tease him because he doesn't react to the teasing.) But, please consult wit professionals about your son and your concerns about him. Good luck.