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From Jamie, child's age 9

My y9oungest son is 9 years old and weighs 146 lbs. he wears a size 34 waist men's shorts/pants and a M/L men's top. He's active but says he doesn't feel full when he eats. My son exhibits symptoms of ADHD and I have been doing research on both ADHD and childhood obesity. From what I have gathered so far, there is a connection between the two IF your child is NOT being treated for the ADHD. With my son being only 9 yrs old, I am more than a little hesitant to start him on a medication regimen. What if he needs medication? Ugh, I am at a loss and my wits end. I was recently diagnosed with ADHD about 8 months ago, am on medication, and have lost 52 pounds... but I'm also 38 yrs old. Not sure what to do! I'm so worried about him! It scares me because statistics show that most overweight 10 yr olds already have pre-symptoms/signs of having heart disease and their parents don't even know it! Diets don't work. Portions aren't working. He just eats and eats and gets upset because he can't get full. He's coming to the age where other kids will start being cruel. Any suggestions and/or advice would be more than appreciated. You can email me at I am praying constantly for his health, both physically and mentally =(