From mia, Child's Age 15 - 11/07/10 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hey everyone. my dsughter is 15 years old and is in grade 10. she is 5 feet and currently weighs about 130. i try and help her so much with the eating and exercising. she does competitive swimming twice a week and is pretty good. she is starting to cut down on the crap food and exercise more but she only sticks to a diet for about a week. i tell her not to think of it as a diet and u can eat junk but in mioderation. i know that she cuts out junk for the week which is great but then she crashes on the weekend and over eats like crazy. she doesnt like to do many exercses and i cant afford a gym right now.
she is a nice sweet girl and she as lots of great friends and some guy friends but i know that she wants to get a boyfriend but she thinks shes ugly and fat! so she doesnt think anyguy would like her.
plz can u help me and give me some tips, solutions, good exercises, good foods to eat, advice bout guys... thank u for reading this and i hope there is something i could do to help her. :)
Reply from Taylor, Age 17 - 12/18/10  - IP#:
Honestly, you should be pushing more that guys aren't important than worrying about how she worries she won't get a guy. During the teenage years, every girl feels like that. Regardless of their weight. But particularly at fifteen, you need to be telling her that she doesn't need a guy to complete her. Fifteen is a dangerous age for dating in today's society anyway. Being her mom, I don't see why you would be wanting her to be involved with guys like that. Unless you think it will make her happy, which is a very caring thought indeed, but it sounds like you both need to accept the fact that a petty teenage relationship is not the key to your daughter's happiness. If anything, it'll probably make things a lot worse eventually. So you need to stop worrying so much about that. Sometimes what we want most isn't necessarily good for us. Especially when it comes to teenage girls. Just support her, and let her know that having a boyfriend isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Good luck to you and your daughter. <3
Reply from Ashlie - 11/14/10  - IP#:
It sounds like you have a positive and supportive attitude in helping your daughter lose some weight. If she does well most of the week, but "crashes" on the weekend, it might help to talk with her to see how her feelings differ between the weekdays and weekends. Does she feel bored on weekends? Rewarding herself for a good week? Feeling lonely? Something else? Addressing what is triggering her overeating on the weekends may help the most in helping her to fully succeed. Good luck!