From Heather, Child's Age 8 - 10/25/10 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I am worried about my step-son...but seem to be the only one worried as his parents aren't doing anything about it. He is 8.5 and weighs 95 pounds. He is 4ft 1inch tall... He is sedetary, does nothing. I have tried to enroll him in everything under the sun, but he hates everything, so his parents let him quit. He played soccer last year, but only goalie, and later said he only liked soccer because of snack time. Lately he has been 'sneaking' food, and we've had to lock our fridge and pantry. His parents are both 'biggerish'..but not obese. Over thanksgiving I had purchased whipped cream and oreos as I was going to make a cheesecake for dessert ... (which by the way..we never eat dessert..but it was thanksgiving)..and when I came home from work he had polished off the entire bag of oreo's and entire tup of whipped cream.. in the morning before going to school. It's so frustrating. All kids I know tend to follow the same size as their age up to a point.. (ie 4 years old = size 4, 6 years old = size 6).. he is 8.5 years old and wears a size 14. I have to get all of his clothes tailored...and it would seem every six months or less I'm buying him a bigger size. Any suggestions?? I do not want to ask him about his weight..or talk about his weight to him for fear of ruining his self esteem... but it's like watching a train wreck .. it's so bad I can hardly watch him eat anymore.
Reply from Ashlie - 11/05/10  - IP#:
His parents may be concerned about your step-son's weight more than you think, but it can be hard for parents to feel like they can start to address this problem if they are overweight too and are not ready to change their eating habits to become better role models. Experiencing a divorce can be very difficult for kids, who sometimes place the blame on themselves for the split and turn to food to cover up these negative feelings. Your step-son is fortunate to have a step-mother like you who really cares. Please don't give up. Talk to your step-son about his feelings, and help him find alternative ways to deal with stress, guilt, etc through activities or actions other than food. Some ideas for activities can be found in the tips section, such as this one: Tickets for Weight Loss Success