From Carrie, Child's Age 9 - 02/03/10 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
My daughter is 9 and she has a weight problem. I say weight problem because, I'm not so sure it is an eating problem. We keep a food diary and she eats healthy ( according to her nutritionist). She dances for 2 hours a week as well as plays soccer after school. We have tried everything, I am at a loss because dispite our efforts she continues to gain. We have done tests at the doctors and all came out normal. I fear that even though I think we are eating right and she is plenty active, I may have some blinders on to what I am doing wrong. Her nutritionist asks her if her food diary is correct ( and it is, there would be no point for a nutritionist otherwise). Anyway- to my point, I have come to the realization that as hard as I try to "healthy up my family" as we call it at home, when it comes to her, I can't do it alone and really neeed help.I have been thinking of sending her to a weight loss camp. I have looked at several and have one that focuses on nutrition, activity, positivity and being healthy not being thin. Has anyone ever turned to a camp for help?
Reply from Taylor, Child's Age 16 - 02/04/10  - IP#:
You could always sit down and talk to her about it, or just lock your food up if you suspect she could be at all. It seems harsh, but you're right, kids are kids, and you can never know for sure... but it can be dangerous for kids to eat so much junk, and if it could be the cause of her weight issue it's worth looking into, because it could be the key. And yeah, there are plenty of other illnesses that can cause weight gain, and it's always better safe than sorry, though hopefully it's something more easily controlled than a physical illness. Best of luck to you. <3
Reply from Carrie- reply, Child's Age 9 - 02/04/10  - IP#:
Thank you Taylor. We are in the process of changing doctors for that reason. I just don't think our current doctor and I are seeing eye to eye on this. As far as the sneaking food, I can never be 100% sure, kids are kids. I am reasonably sure. I never would have known about the edrocornologist- we will look into that as well. All we have been tested for was thyroid, because that is all the doctor offered. I am hoping we find nothing and this is simply just a case of us just needing some help and education, but we will continue searching.
Reply from Taylor, Child's Age 16 - 02/04/10  - IP#:
I encourage you to further persure medical issues because there are some that doctors don't routinely check for, and so perhaps go to an endocronolgist if you haven't... there is something called cushings that can cause unexplained weight gain, and other symptoms, but it's rare, still, worth persuing just in case, because if you're a a dead end otherwise it's worth a try. Also, are you SURE she doesn't sneak food? I did as a kid. I wasn't overweight, but I did used to steal candy and things... I think a lot of kids do, so maybe look into that, and just makes SURE she's eating right.