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From Carrie, child's age 9

My daughter is 9 and she has a weight problem. I say weight problem because, I'm not so sure it is an eating problem. We keep a food diary and she eats healthy ( according to her nutritionist). She dances for 2 hours a week as well as plays soccer after school. We have tried everything, I am at a loss because dispite our efforts she continues to gain. We have done tests at the doctors and all came out normal. I fear that even though I think we are eating right and she is plenty active, I may have some blinders on to what I am doing wrong. Her nutritionist asks her if her food diary is correct ( and it is, there would be no point for a nutritionist otherwise). Anyway- to my point, I have come to the realization that as hard as I try to "healthy up my family" as we call it at home, when it comes to her, I can't do it alone and really neeed help.I have been thinking of sending her to a weight loss camp. I have looked at several and have one that focuses on nutrition, activity, positivity and being healthy not being thin. Has anyone ever turned to a camp for help?