From Ash, Child's Age 14 - 05/05/08 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hello everyone I am new on this site and I really need help. My daughter and I went to the doctor yesterday and I found out that she went from being 220 last year to 260 this year. Along with this 40 extra pounds, her clothes are very tight. I told her that I would buy her some new clothes and I did, but they are hard to find that will fit over her belly (where she carries all her weight). I was wondering if any of you know any places where I can buy her clothes because the womens plus sizes do not fit anymore. Also, do your children wear their pants below their bellies, because I told my daughter that maybe if she wore her pants below her (saggy) belly that they wouldn't push into her belly and that we might be able to find a size to fit. She said that it made her look too fat. I don't know what to do! I can't find pants unless she puts her pants below her belly. Which she is starting to do because she is still getting bigger, which i want to help her stop, but she doesn't want to. I can't force her.
Reply from Karren, Child's Age 2 - 06/17/08  - IP#:
To help her decide to lose weight try telling her the dangers of been overweight.

Reply from Laura, Child's Age 10 - 05/06/08  - IP#:
I have the same problem with my daughter. Lisa will turn 11 next month and weights around 220 pounds. She wears a plus size 26 and we mostly buy stretch jeans from Lane Bryant. She sometimes wears her pants around her belly but mostly under her belly, because she just like your daughter carries most of her weight in her belly. In shirts we mostly buy men 5XL, because she wants her belly to be covered and not looking out under her shirt.

Reply from rachael, Child's Age 16 - 05/05/08  - IP#:
i'm like border line plus size. i can wear a normal 18 or like a plus 16 .. i'm like 212 lbs and 5'2.. but lane bryant and torrid have you tried there?