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From Ash, child's age 14

Hello everyone I am new on this site and I really need help. My daughter and I went to the doctor yesterday and I found out that she went from being 220 last year to 260 this year. Along with this 40 extra pounds, her clothes are very tight. I told her that I would buy her some new clothes and I did, but they are hard to find that will fit over her belly (where she carries all her weight). I was wondering if any of you know any places where I can buy her clothes because the womens plus sizes do not fit anymore. Also, do your children wear their pants below their bellies, because I told my daughter that maybe if she wore her pants below her (saggy) belly that they wouldn't push into her belly and that we might be able to find a size to fit. She said that it made her look too fat. I don't know what to do! I can't find pants unless she puts her pants below her belly. Which she is starting to do because she is still getting bigger, which i want to help her stop, but she doesn't want to. I can't force her.