From Jim The Kid - 01/30/06 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Listen this is just a quick helper. When I was in 8th grade i was gona proably become overweight. I dont like to admit it to anyone now but yea it was true. So in any case I started running and that really shed the pounds, then I wrestled and then forget it it was great it got rid of all the exess body fat. Well here is my sugestion. I know it may be hard for your kid to do this. But try and get them into a sport they really love. Trust me it works. I mean I just ended wrestling like 2 weeks ago and its sad but I all ready have a tummy again and have gained like 10 pounds. But thats why im going to do spring track. By the time it starts I know that Ill be getting pretty chubby, but litteraly 2 weeks after I start it will all be gone. So just try and get your kid into somethign they really love.
Reply from Dee, Child's Age 15 - 02/09/06  - IP#:
Hey Jim, thanks for the post, but what if you can't get the couch potatoe to do more than think about joining a sport? I have a 15 yr old daughter that is going to "do it all" and never does. Would support her in any sport but once she joins she lacks any enthusiam and just does what is necessary to get by.