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From Jim The Kid, child's age 0

Listen this is just a quick helper. When I was in 8th grade i was gona proably become overweight. I dont like to admit it to anyone now but yea it was true. So in any case I started running and that really shed the pounds, then I wrestled and then forget it it was great it got rid of all the exess body fat. Well here is my sugestion. I know it may be hard for your kid to do this. But try and get them into a sport they really love. Trust me it works. I mean I just ended wrestling like 2 weeks ago and its sad but I all ready have a tummy again and have gained like 10 pounds. But thats why im going to do spring track. By the time it starts I know that Ill be getting pretty chubby, but litteraly 2 weeks after I start it will all be gone. So just try and get your kid into somethign they really love.