From Kelsee - 06/20/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ok, I know im only 14 years old but i have some things to say. The growing weight of our children isn't the kids fault. Its the parents. Its not us kids that do the grocery shopping. I mean sure, most kids should control what they eat, but parents need to lead by example. There are soo many delicious healthy meals you can make, an awesome healthy substitutes! your whole family will feel sooo much better! and take family walks after dinner. Summer is an excellent time to get some excersice. take advantage of all the fruits in season, and use the beautiful whether to spend time outsdie. i can guarantee everyone in your family will look and feel healthier, plus youll grow closer as a family. hope i helped and good luck! great job knowing we need to be healthier!
Reply from Rachel, Child's Age 14 - 07/10/05  - IP#:
my god susan calm down shes just trying to give advice and help then you go all like crazy on her.. not all overweight kids are depressed jeeze. and what she said was totally right. dont underestimate kids haha.

Reply from Morgan, Child's Age 16 - 06/24/05  - IP#:
Susan, listen to what she said. Do you honestly know exactly what your kids are thinking/feeling? Another kid's perspective could be very helpful. Especially another overweight kid, they know/have experienced alot of the same things your kid has. Also, why do you think she has a perfect life? If she is at this site then there is obviously something weight-related going on. If you really want help, then you need to accept it no matter where it comes from.

Reply from Jerry, Child's Age 14 - 06/24/05  - IP#:
Susan, just because kids are overweight doesnt mean they cant live happy and normal lives.

Reply from Susan, Child's Age 8 - 06/23/05  - IP#:
Honestly, you realy did not help me anyway. I work 40 hours a week and so does my husband. By the time the whole family gets home we are tired and don't have time to get together and cook one of those healthy delicious meals you are talking about. So many of the parents are struggling just to do exactly what you are talking about. But, you need to understand, most of the parents on this website are trying to help one another. We want advise from someone who is going through what we are going through. You are not married, you do not have a child who is going through the same situation as mine. As a child you are no help what so ever to my child because you have no clue what so ever of what my child is feeling and what she is going through! So please, go back to your perfect little life and leave us alone. These parents want help and hope so they can help their children cope and live a happy and normal life.