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Hi I am morbidly obese man myself (over 400). I have an 8 yo son that lives with me part time. My concern is that he is getting real chubby weighing 150 pounds or more being 4'6 tall. He has until a couple of months ago been able to run around with kids his age, but now he is to heavy for that, having gained 20 pounds so far this year. I am really worried that he will develop my eating and weight problems.
He eats good meals usually but snacks alot, often going from one friends home to another being offered snacks. Unfortunately I am too fat to play or go out with him so he spends a lot of time with other families, so I dont know what he eats during the day. In the evening we eat together and he always wants 2 or 3 servings and as I eat a lot its hard for me to say no. We used to snack together a lot, but I have started hiding the snacks until he is asleep.
Any ideas what I can do more, I know I should change my own eating habits, but thats so hard. Anyone in the same situation, or someone having any ideas what I could do?
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To Steph and Ray,, I guess you are both right, I should be an example for him, and I try.... But being my size I can hardly move and food has always been the biggest comfort in my life-I have tried many diets but failed all. My wish is that my boy should be able to have a normal life and a more normal attitude to eating, but I guess its hard with a Dad like me. I started to put away my snacks and dont eat so much while he is awake-we will see

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i really think that he is not going to lose weight until you actually lead by example and are willing to lose weight with him. i know that if i had an obese parent telling me to lose weight i would think that they're a hypocrite.

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Lead by example...if you start eating healthier, he will too. You said its hard to change, but do you think its easy for him? With all the peer pressures to eat when he's at his friends homes? It's not any easier for him. Make the change together. If you start to do something, he is likely to fall in step. Rach*

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Hi Orcy, the sad thing is that I am to heavy for almost any walking. Being over 440 pounds I can only walk a few steps before I get real out of breath, and I have two crutches to lean on. So my son easily walk much faster than me.

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he is 8

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Hi MAtte!
May you can give me your email so we can chat!

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well it would be much healthier for bhoth of you to change your eating habits, although i no it would be difficult. try to keep some healthy foods in the house and encourage your son to walk with you after dinner, so you can both vbecome a healthy weight

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To Laura yes I would like to chat with you.
To Bill in what way is your son'shealth suffering from his weight of 165 pounds?
What will happen if you both gain 50 pounds?

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Hi Matte!
I'm in the same situation as you. My daughter is eight and also weights 150 pounds. She has some close friends but is mostly teased by other kids. We have real trouble to find clothes for her, as she has a real big belly.
I'm also obese and weight 280 pounds. We mostly eat together and snack together.
Maybe we could chat about our problems.

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So, are u trying to say u just let him get fatter, so he could lose weight when he gets older?

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My son is the same except he is 9, 4'9 and 165 pounds! Since he is not very old, I just let him eat what he wants to and when he wants to. I weigh over 350 myself so we kind of eat and get fatter together. His health is now starting to suffer though.