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From Matte, child's age 8

Hi I am morbidly obese man myself (over 400). I have an 8 yo son that lives with me part time. My concern is that he is getting real chubby weighing 150 pounds or more being 4'6 tall. He has until a couple of months ago been able to run around with kids his age, but now he is to heavy for that, having gained 20 pounds so far this year. I am really worried that he will develop my eating and weight problems. He eats good meals usually but snacks alot, often going from one friends home to another being offered snacks. Unfortunately I am too fat to play or go out with him so he spends a lot of time with other families, so I dont know what he eats during the day. In the evening we eat together and he always wants 2 or 3 servings and as I eat a lot its hard for me to say no. We used to snack together a lot, but I have started hiding the snacks until he is asleep. Any ideas what I can do more, I know I should change my own eating habits, but thats so hard. Anyone in the same situation, or someone having any ideas what I could do?