From Shwee, Age 14 - 02/10/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hey everyone... I feel like i cant follow my own advice! argh! i just ate 120 calorie icecream (measured) because i couldnt resist it and then i had a nonfat tortilla and that may all sound healthy but i had two granola bars for breakfast(i was STARVING) and a regular lunch but now i feel like im ruining it! im also really fustrated... yesterday was like SUCH a good diet day and i decided i'd weigh myself and i gained half a pound! this is confusing and frustrating me and i need reassurance. or i might just die of shame. :(
Reply from anne, Age 18 - 02/11/05  - IP#: haven't done too bad then...
Reply from Shwee, Age 14 - 02/10/05  - IP#:
dont worry... i eat dinner too! lol, that was only until snacktime
Reply from anne, Age 18 - 02/10/05  - IP#: many calories do you eat a day? because you def. sound liike you're not eating enough unless that was a huge lunch!
Reply from Christina, Age 16 - 02/10/05  - IP#:
WEll first off....a half a lbs is nothing! Dont weight yourself during the day....your going to go scale crazy and become obsessed. Weigh yourself in the morning every other me. A .5 is nothing trust me.