From Amal, Age 14 - 12/28/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Anyone kno how to tone up the inner thighs???Its the one part of my body which is not toned.Oh and can anyone suggest a diet that is effective AND ACTUALLY WORKS!!!. im 5.5 feet and weigh145 pounds,im would'nt say im fat, but um not thin either.Does anyone know the healthy weight for my age!?!?!? i used that weight calculater and it said i am at risk of being overweight,but im quite muscular so i dont no what weight i shud be.~Amal~
Reply from Amal, Age 14 - 12/29/04  - IP#:
Thanx for the advice.i dont actually drink pop though,i usually only drink water.amal
Reply from clifford, Age 16 - 12/29/04  - IP#:
do leg lifts by laying on ur back and lift ur legs up a little off the ground seperately and then together and then another one is to get a piece of wood or something and set it down and then have ur feet half on it and half off and the stand to ur tip toes and down it will help ur calves and it will help you to jump higher for playing basketball and give up pop cuz that way when you play sports it will make it so effentially you will run faster and your muscles wont like deterioate
Reply from Taylor, Age 13 - 12/28/04  - IP#:
I am exaclty that way too! Only I am 5'5 or 5'6! And you are so totally right! And the same as me!