From kristi, Age 15 - 12/28/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hey i heard to drink lots of water and even that will help u lose weight. after i run my 2 miles i drink 34oz...then at night when i run 2 miles again i drink 34 more many oz are u supposed to starting this today and those dont include when i drink water at basketball or at how much water are u supposed to have...?kristi
Reply from clifford, Age 16 - 12/29/04  - IP#:
you should give up pop to since you play sports it will help you in the long run and pop deteriates you muscles so maybe try giving up pop i did and hey i dont mind either
Reply from anne, Age 17 - 12/28/04  - IP#:
it's 8 glasses a day plus another glass for every half hour you workout
Reply from Dancefreak, Age 14 - 12/28/04  - IP#:
8 or more glasses a day.