From Drew, Age 12 - 01/03/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'9", Start: 265 lb, Today: 262 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 165 lb - Hello evreybody !! My name is Drew. I am 12 , and 5 feet 9 inches and 265 pounds. I am really muscular though. I am a football star, and evreybody ( fans ) wants me to be big. I want to loose 100 pounds. The fans and my coach all went boooooo when the Commentator said Number 99 Drew ****** 262 pounds !! They were ticked that I lost 3 Pounds!!!!!! That day, I had one of the best games that I ever had. 4 sacks, 3 tackles, and a forced fumble , and the fans still wanted me to gain the 3 pounds back !!! What should I do, what I want to do or what 4500 people want me to do ? By the way I am in really good shape and will be willing to excercise to lose weight. Thanks, and please reply !!!
Reply from anne, Age 16 - 01/05/04  - IP#:
riiiiiight lena....
Reply from Lena, Age 16 - 01/04/04  - IP#:
Oh, and I've got to tell you, Drew, and everyone else that reads this, the things I'm saying may not sound right to you or whatever you're thinking. These things are probably different from what you THINK you know, or from what you've been taught. However, I advise you to take it because I live with a father that knows practically everything about how the body works, he's a CERTIFIED nutritionist. I'm not bragging or anything, I just want to tell you that so that you'll listen to the things I'm saying. I also have a weight problem, I wouldn't be here if I didn't, and my dad helps me out. He never wanted me to be on a diet. I started 5'1" and 181 lbs, now I weigh 156 lbs, and all I did was become more active. It took long for ME to lose it though because my fitness level wasn't zero, so when I started the same exercises I'd been doing I didn't lose as quickly as my sister, who hardly moved from in front of the TV screen. I'd like to explain the WHOLE thing to ALL of you but I can't cuz it would take SO long, and I can't guarantee everyone would understand. But happy trails to you all anyway!
Reply from chelsea, Age 14 - 01/04/04  - IP#:
I agree with Jenny. U should do what u want to do, kno knows after u lose a few pounds, more than likely your game will improve. you are very tall so i don't think 100 pounds gone would look right on you, but its your body, you should be able to do what you want to do.
Reply from anne, Age 16 - 01/04/04  - IP#:
not losing weight because everybody tells you not to when you want to is like losing weight because everybody's telling you to when you're comfy with your body. what they want you to do is unhealthy- go with yourself on this one. show them that you can be even better than they thought the way you want to be!
Reply from Lena, Age 16 - 01/04/04  - IP#:
ACTUALLY, you said you were muscular right? How much more fat than muscle do you have? If what you want is a chisled look, then you must work certain areas of muscle to achieve the desired effect. All that is is low body fat. Are you looking to be lean or skinny? Anyway you could probably bear to lose about 50 lbs, then try to gain mostly muscle, I only say that because my dad is on a football team, 2 in fact, and they don't like you to lose too much weight, even if you ARE mostly fat. I heard my dad say when they put fat guys on the line, most times the other team's guy won't lock up as quickly. Well, what I mean by that is... they're more hesitant cuz of, I believe the term applied was, ahem, "man-boobs" LOL! Anyway, forgive this other girl giving advice, she doesn't knopw the rules of football. Besides if you weighed 165 at 5'9", that's PRRTTY DARN SKINNY for a player. Believe me, my friend is a guy 5'9", same as you, and he weighs up in the 180's and he's still skinny!! I advise you, from a football player's daughter, don't lose too much and if you do gain it back in muscle, I don't remember too much muscle killing anyone. Happy trails!!
Reply from jenny, Age 15 - 01/04/04  - IP#:
The best advice what YOU want. Not what other people want. If losing 100 pounds would make you feel better about yourself and happier, then do it. Screw what they want,they're not you.