From T.M.C., Age 14 - 06/03/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Today: 206 lb - Hey everyone...Been looking around here for a while now and u all seem enthusiastic and willing 2 help.let me just get strait 2 it...Im a guy, im 14, and i weigh 206 lbs. I want 2 lose as much weight as i safely can before the next school year.Im gonna try and run a little each day... How long should i run 4? Also, I'm really out of shape, so when i do exercise, my heartrate gets above 180. is this ok? is it good for me? how can i make it stronger?im totally lost in this area: DIETINGWhat foods (besides sweets/junkfood) should i try to eat less of?Does anyone have any healthy recipes for breakfast/lunch/dinner?How much water should I drink?Thanks in advance for any helpTMC
Reply from Giovanni, Age 23 - 05/12/04  - IP#:
Hey, I lost 100 lbs a few years ago and have kept it off...I used to be your size at your age. Water w/ Lemon really helps. 8 Full Glasses a Day. Quiting any cabonated and caffienated is a must. Try eating more leafy vegetables (Lettuces and Celery) and more fruits (except Bananas). And for meats, start eating more Chicken (without skin) and fish (over turkey, pork, and beef). As a rule, steaming is better than Boiling which is better than Baking which is better than Frying. And don't eat cold leftovers; heat them up. Don't add salt, but add Black Pepper and Garlic to things (they stave off heart disease). Just some tips; but make sure you tell your parents what you are doing and ask your doctor for advice. GOOD LUCK!!! My entire life's change; wish I did it when I was your age!
Reply from amy, Age 14 - 06/04/03  - IP#:
jess is rite .
Reply from Liz, Age 18 - 06/04/03  - IP#:
I suggest you take some time to do some research in this area. With running: you should start with walking 30 mins a day, build up to a jog and running 20 mins. With water: drink as much as you want its very good for you. 2 litres a day. With food: stay away from fried foods and takeaways, or candy or high fat foods like chips/cakes/cookies/chocolate. Eat more fruits and vegies and lean meats. You sound motivated, and I think with the right mindset you can achieve this :-)