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Hey everyone i am gonna give u all some tip on how to loose weight.First stop eating all bread, sweets,pasta, rice, cips, candy and regular pop. Only eat meat, vegatbles, and fruit. u can drink diet pops adn pleanty of water. Make sure u excercise. You cannot be on this diet forever. Once u hit your goal weight do not start eating like u used to or u will gain all your weight back and even more. Just go back to eating like maybe a slice of bread then no bread the next day them maybe some fries then no bread or fries the next day. but u cannot eat fries and bread all in the same day. With this diet u can loose up to 30-50 pounds in a month maybe even more if u excercise. Please take my advice because this worked for me. Bye
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i agree with teenguy
Reply from Teenguy, Age 15 - 08/19/02  - IP#:
This diet is not healthy. To be truly healthy one must eat a balanced diet consisting of all foods. It may help you lose weight but whats the real goal (whats more important) to appear thin....or be healthy! Many fat people are actually healthier than skinny people becuase true health is not determined by appearnce!
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Thank you a lot!! I'm going to try that!