From adrian, Age 16 - 01/04/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Im 5'5 and 140 lbs. I seriously want to lose 20 lbs.
I hate being overweight, i wanna be skinny, and show up all those stupid ex-boyfriends. Im working out every day by walking the treadmill for an hour, and doing some wieght lifting, cuz i read u have to have some strength training if you wanna lose wieght faster. I know im not eating as much as i should, and sometimes i get dizzy when i stand up, what are some specific foods and wayz i can eat healthier? thanx
Reply from olive, Age 12 - 02/28/02  - IP#:
this is not my name but if your fat or ugly or have big feet or something nasty this is for all the girlz and the guyz GET A MAKEOVER
IT IS SO EASY!!!! i was such a nerd but know a got a makeover i am so fine all the boyz like me if your fat go on a diet no meat no pizza no fris notting greasy for a month in a half. if your ugly a MAKEOVER makeup good colths somethng really hot a hair cut if you have ugly hair die it wax your legs and anything that is sooo nasty if you pick your nose STOP. im 12 a cool and cute really cute i live canda email email me if you need help!!!
Reply from adrian, Age 13 - 01/20/02  - IP#:
hey. i love your name!!! im fat too, but there is this soup diet mum/mom(im not from the u.s) lost like 28 lbs/14 kg in 2 weeks on. trouble is, the soups not all that tasty, but ive lost 10KG/20 lbs or so in a week and a bit using it, although im still too fat! if you want the diet, i can e-mail u soon. email me whenever at with your e-mail, and i can email it right back at u! if this sounds bad, dont email, but good luck anyway! have a heap of fun. with many good wishes, Adrian Hinder, the aussie!
Reply from sum boy, Age 13 - 01/05/02  - IP#:
I am 40 pounds heavier, 3 years yunger and 2 inches shorter then u. Don't feel bad. ;)
Reply from Zoe, Age 13 - 01/05/02  - IP#:
Hi, I have so many dieting tips I could rite a book! most work 2! Well first, Drink loads of water! if u don't like water on it's own have sum volvic tuch of fruit. it's gorge! then do exersize 4 10 mins and remember to check out Springs diet plan for a diet,
Reply from me, Age 14 - 01/05/02  - IP#:
Hey well what is your email address so I can help you with some things.