From angela, Age 12 - 12/31/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hi everyone..i'm 12 years old and i weigh 175..and i'm 5'3..i would like to get down to 100-120 anywhere in that range..if u have any diets or anything that u think would help me email them to me and also if u know how long it would take to lose around 60 email is
Reply from ana, Age 15 - 01/02/02  - IP#:
when i was 12-13, i wieghed 175-180lbs, then puberty hit and i just started losing wieght, i went from 175- to 165, then 165 to 155. Excercising and heating healthy are key, but you have to remember your still young, and your body is still gonna go through a lot of changes cuz of puberty. Thats just the way it wuz for me.